From the daily archives: Friday, October 1, 2010

Was “Every Other Monday” the name of Kasich’s last book, or his commitment to how often he’d campaign in Ohio? Is this not the longest John Kasich has gone this election without being seen in Ohio or Fox News? What does it say to point out that retired U.S. Senator John Glenn has officially surpassed the GOP gubernatorial ticket in campaign appearances this first week of early voting? Did John Kasich finally flee to that dreamy locker room in Naples, Florida? Did Mary Taylor join him to reunite with her former clients? Will ODP make a “It’s six […]

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Talking Points Memo picks up the Ganley lawsuit storyAlthough they mostly just mention what’s in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Still, the story is getting legs very quickly.  Wonder if there are any other shoes to drop?  You can read the TPM story here.

[UPDATE:]  Huffington Post picks it up too.

[FLASHBACK:]  Just a few weeks ago, CQ did a story about the pending lawsuits against Ganley… they seem even more relevant in light of this most recent lawsuit:

In one pending case against Ganley-owned dealerships, a former female employee alleges that management discriminated against […]

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Sam Stein contacted me earlier in the week about a piece he was doing for the Huffington Post about a shadowy GOP group involving non-other than former Blackwell staffer and all-around nasty guy Norm Cummings. He incorporates some stuff I’ve already covered here at Plunderbund along with a lot of new information that makes it definitely worth reading.

My absolute favorite part is the end where he quotes Scott Pullins:

“I think the foulest thing he has done that I know about is the ad he tried to get me to run on behalf of the Ohio […]

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After reading the Complaint in which a Tea Party activists alleges that Tom Ganley propositioned her to allow him to “dominate” her and parade her around with a leash… I couldn’t help but remember when the Medina GOP ran a newsletter than Ganley advertised in calling on voters to get Sutton “out of the House and back in the kitchen.”

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Jon Keeling (R-VA) is a fucking liar.

As Tim would say “Former John Kasich staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling” today wrote a post titled “Silver still very confident in Kasich victory”  And although the Carpetblogger’s post does link to a blog post on written by Nate Silver, that post never mentioned John Kasich, Ted Strickland, or the Ohio gubernatorial election one time.  Not once!

However, here’s what Mr. Silver had to say about the Ohio’s gubernatorial race in a post that […]

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Not a God-fearing conservative, no, a pig!!!

Screen grab of her FB page. Of course, she “likes” Sarah Palin.

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We’ve been given a copy of an e-mail from Ohio Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Director Lauren Groh-Wargo on the status of the early vote in Ohio:

Three days into Early Vote, the Ohio Democratic Coordinated Campaign is encouraged by the numbers we see. According to our latest figures:

More Democrats than Republicans are requesting ballots.

A tabulation of all 88 counties shows that nearly 20 percent more Democrats than Republicans have requested ballots. Democratic ballot requests outnumber Republican ballot requests statewide by margins in the tens of thousands.

Infrequent voting Democrats – whose turnout is key to our victory – […]

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From Paragraph 31.

When Mrs. Saccany went upstairs into Ganley’s office, the smell of cologne was over powering, and as Mrs. Saccany walked into his office Ganley sprayed breathe freshener into his mouth.


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Wow.  It’s only the first of October, and we already have our “October surprise” in the 13th Congressional race.

According to the Plain Dealer, a woman, who is only identified solely as a registered Republican and Tea Party activist, has filed suit alleging that a year ago Tom Ganley sexually assaulted her at one of his dealerships.

His accuser said she attended a Cleveland Tea Party rally where Ganley spoke on July 3, 2009, when he was a candidate for the U.S. Senate, before he decided to run for Congress. Impressed by Ganley’s anti-abortion platform, the […]

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