From the daily archives: Sunday, October 31, 2010

I hate polls.  I hated paying for them as a consultant, hated having to pay attention to them for candidates, hated the sight of them, the thought of them.  I hate talking about them.  Hate writing about them.  Hate reading about them.  Hate listening to people talk about them.  Hate cross tabs, trendlines, all of it.  Which is why all this talk of somehow measuring a voter’s relative “enthusiasm” for voting, and conjuring some alchemy to get from that to an election prediction, is really starting to get to me.

I mean, really.  A vote is a vote.

It’s one.


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What’s a campaign staff look like after they lose a presumed 17 point lead and end up in a dead heat the weekend before the election?  Maybe we should ask Kasich campaign director Beth Hansen.

Word on the street is that the boys club that makes up the John Kasich inner circle is now very much on the hunt for a scapegoat, and Hansen is in the running.  Hansen is the only woman at the top of the campaign staff.  Far worse for Hansen, though, is her George Voinovich pedigree.  Hansen has been Voinovich’s top staffer in Ohio for a […]

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With the exception of an underperforming Columbiana County, the Youngstown Vindicator, notes that Democrats are outperforming in the Mahoning River Valley their performance in 2006 in early voting.

Democrats weren’t just ready to vote before the election.  We’ll vote on Tuesday, too.

Two more days, and we’ll stun them again.

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Watching Tom Ganley’s first lesson in politics has been a joy.  Not so much for him, of course.  After this election, we may next hear about Ganley when his auto business files for bankruptcy.

Businessmen in today’s America have every luxury conservative Republicanism can afford them, including the ability to operate as animals in a state of nature.  That is, after all, what Republican ideology is all about – social Darwinism to the point of making people like Tom Ganley obscenely rich, human carnage in that wake be damned.  Inevitably, they want more power, because greed unchecked just […]

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Finally, truth in advertising.

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Welcome back to Ohio, Jon Keeling.  John Kasich is going to lose.

Yet again, we see two more pollsters who had shown Kasich’s best results suddenly acknowledging the race is tighter than a deer tick on a bloodhound. 

The polls show virtually the same result.

The poll by the Democratic polling outfit, Public Policy Polling, shows the race within a hair: Kasich 49%, Strickland 48%.  John Kasich has now found himself stuck under 50% while Strickland has suddenly closed the gap as Democrats woke up and suddenly realized: hey, there’s more of us than there are of […]

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PPP has Kasich up by 1, Dispatch has Kasich up by 2.  One micro-schnick of increased African American turnout on Tuesday, and Ted is re-elected.

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