From the daily archives: Friday, October 29, 2010

Back when I was in college I spent many late nights drinking coffee and cramming for exams at Buckeye Donuts on High Street in Columbus. It’s one of the few campus-area businesses that has stood the test of time. And, regardless of the owner’s political leanings, I’m still very glad to see they are thriving when so many other businesses have failed.

That said, I am happy to report that the owner of Buckeye Donuts has finally made up his mind about who he is supporting for Governor this year and… (sorry to spoil the ending […]

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After two more women (this time customers) have come forward to suggest that Ganley engaged in inappropriate comments and touching, Ganley’s congressional campaign website issued the most bizarre statement I’ve ever seen:

I’m Tom Ganley, Candidate for Congress, and I’m fed up.

Tom Ganley

The lies, slander, and false accusations have taken “politics as usual” to a whole new low.  This campaign shows why it’s so difficult to attract qualified people to run for public office.  This is why we get stuck with career politicians who will stop at nothing to maintain their death grip on power.  […]

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Josh Mandel’s protestations about how oh so sorry he is for his racist bigoted attack claiming Kevin Boyce is some kind of terrorist are just plain bullshit.  It’s an ongoing campaign.  Hasn’t stopped, it’s only gone further into the gutter.  There’s nothing deeper in the gutter than Matt Naugle, who today links to a Townhall diatribe which has to have come from Mandel’s campaign, using long time Mandel sycophant Joel Mowbray, parroting the same crap, except this time they quote an anonymous Boyce staffer.

Although Boyce’s name is the one voters will see next Tuesday, Ahmad will continue to […]

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We’re entering Rob Burch futility here.  It’s worth transcribing, with asides in parentheses, to show just how polar opposite this ad is to Lee’s entire rationale for being our nominee for US Senate instead of Jennifer Brunner.

I’m Lee Fisher.  Pay very close attention to this ad, cuz you’re not gonna see it too many times. (This is your first ad in the entire general election, Lee.  I’m paying real close attention.)

My campaign just doesn’t have millions of dollars to run lots of ads (Why not?  You said you would.  It was your entire primary campaign.), no scary […]

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The good news is that Lee Fisher’s last ad in the campaign won’t be that “Taft Quack” inducing web ad.

The bad news is that Lee spends too much time talking about his campaign’s lack of money.

It’s, um, interesting.

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My mom erased it….boo!  But Sarah Palin today made a robocall for John Kasich to my mom’s house – the targeting is probably because my dad is a registered R, my mom is a D, both are registered at same address, and thus it is a swing household.  Not sure if that’s gonna have the intended effect.

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The Ohio Democratic Party is getting close to their goal of getting 60,000 volunteer hours signed up for GOTV this weekend.

Sign up here!

I’m spending all of Saturday morning doing a literature drop, and then Saturday afternoon/evening doing GOTV phone calls.  I’m doing this in Butler County—John Boehner’s home county where he faces the strongest challenge he’s ever faced with Justin Coussoule.  I’m working it in a county that ordinarily goes twenty points for the GOP and was one of Ken Blackwell’s best counties of the handful he carried.

So, what’s your excuse?


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I don’t normally post press releases in full, but this one seems like a good candidate.

Memorandum Re: OH Gov Race

To:          Interested Parties
Fr:           Aaron Pickrell, Strickland for Governor
RE:          State of the Race
Date:      October 29, 2010

Heading into the final weekend of the Ohio gubernatorial campaign, Ted Strickland is STRONGLY positioned to be re-elected.  Our internal polling has held steady for the last few weeks and at the end of this week, Ted holds a 4 point lead (46-42) over Congressman Kasich in a 2-way race and a 5 point lead (43-38) over Congressman […]

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What does Buckeye State Blog, LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Plain Dealer, David Pepper, Kevin Boyce, President Obama, Arianne Huffington, Jim Heath at ONN, and Dennis Kucinich all have in common?

They all received a tweet directed to them this morning promoting Lee Fisher’s “Taft Quack”-inducing web ad from Peggy Zone Fisher.  And in some cases, she’s sent it to them multiple times because she’s obviously not keeping track of who she sending to (as of yet, she has not sent it to us, but that’s probably because we were the most vocal blog to support Brunner […]

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