From the daily archives: Friday, October 22, 2010

I was all set to go to bed when I started thinking about this quote in Politico about Ohio’s early voting that I mentioned in my last post:

Ballots have been requested by 839,390 Ohio voters thus far, with Democrats comprising about 40 percent to the GOP’s 30 percent, and the rest unaffiliated voters.

And it was eating at me.  Where have I seen that kind of partisan breakdown in Ohio before???  And then I remembered this graphic:

That was the partisan breakdown of Ohio’s electorate in a 2008 CNN exit poll.

If […]

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Anthony has a fabulous idea.  Vote.  As of this post, Josh Mandel is edging out Rich Iott!!!!






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Nearly 25% of all registered voters in Cuyahoga County have already voted.  In 2006, only 20% of registered voters did.  Montgomery and Franklin County will like exceed their 2006 early voter turnout, too. [UPDATE: Montgomery County has exceeded its 2006 early voter turnout.]

In Cuyahoga County, 56% of the early vote turnout is registered Democrats.  23% of the early vote turnout is Republican.   Cuyahoga may comer to the rate of early vote/total vote it hit in 2008 than people believed at the beginning of the week.  Montgomery will has surpassed 2006 turnout.  Franklin County is just […]

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PD reports the FBI is investigating the hiring of Bill Mason crony Strongsville councilman Pat Coyne at the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s office.

The FBI is investigating whether Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason forced the county coroner to hire a political ally, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Bob Reid confirmed the investigation Friday in response to a Plain Dealer editorial urging his office to take action. Reid declined to comment beyond saying his office has consulted with the FBI.

We have passed the Scene Magazine deadline, which reported in September that Mason would resign in mid-October and face […]

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I still get asked about the world famous McCain Palin Mob videos.  Sorta like, “Where are they now?” Indeed, where are those morons of epic fantastitude who so proudly proclaim their conviction that Barack Obama is a terrorist?  The undisputed star of Part 1 (which has over 2 million views and counting), the blonde who kept coming into the camera, was seen last year prancing around outside a Planned Parenthood clinicPart 2, a measly 430,000.  Sniff.

Part 2 gets some love today.  Recognize this guy?

Recognize him now?

That’s Dave Luketic at […]

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Hilarious comments keep coming in from people who seem like Eastlake North High School alums or students or whatever, for whom it’s no big deal to scream “powder blue faggots” in a crowd, on public property, where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy (that’s lawyer talk for all you bigots out there), but now all of a sudden claim their reputations are hurt!

this video is an invasion of privacy, just saying. that stupid asshole woman who video taped this should be sued out her ass.

Aside from the obvious fact that you can video anything you see […]

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