From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Or something.  Are there enough hours?

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A weird little hiccup today in the ol’ Plundertubes….this post somehow got disappeared!  So we’re reposting it FROM MEMORY MY GOD HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?!?!

Word is John Kasich’s staff has been told they won’t be paid this month.  Which must be going over well, since chief Kasich fundraiser Brooke Bodney pulled down almost $60,000 the last reporting period, and is approaching a cool million for the year.

We have been unable to confirm whether Brooke Bodney was last seen shopping for a NOT ELITIST string of new pearls in the fashion of the new […]

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Philip Mulivor from Ohio CCW put a post up this afternoon titled: Everything I need to know about John Kasich I learned at the dentist.

In it he details how the Kasich campaign snubbed the gun rights group, which has endorsed Ted Strickland in its 2010 Voter Guide.

According to Mulivor, he offered the campaign an interview for the OhioCCW blog “while promising I wouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes of his time. I also made sure he knew I’m a “credentialed” journalist.”

The Kasich campaign declined.

Here’s Mulivor’s response:

As a conservative Republican, it hurts […]

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Anthony has the scoop.

What’s worth watching is who gets to be the scapegoat. Based on what we’re hearing today, if this were Survivor, Beth Hansen would be the one teammates would rid themselves of first.

Nothing like watching a bunch of non-elitists fight over who gets to keep the family silver.  Might have to order more popcorn.

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Boy, the Columbus Dispatch is a fine paper to use… if you own a parakeet.

The Dispatch ruined my image of Kasich sulking on the bus waiting for Rob Portman to stop answering reporters’ questions so they could make their next “gig.”

The navy blue luxury bus holding the rest of the GOP candidates left Everal Barn without the ticket’s driver – Kasich. In an uncommon occurrence, Kasich was asked by his state patrol protection detail to ride separately in the campaign’s SUV, even though there was no specific threat against him, according to patrol spokesman Gary Lewis.


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It’s amazing to see the Ohio media bite on the GOP narrative on early vote when prominent national political publications are uniform (from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, and even National Review) all have said that Democrats have a sizeable advantage in the early voting in Ohio.

Take this post written by Howard Wilkinson of the Cincinnati Enquirer “GOP outpacing Dems in absentee ballots in Hamilton County.”  Wilkinson fixates on the fact that Republicans have a higher return rate on absentee ballots than Democrats do.  Then he states:

As of the end of […]

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John Kasich went WAY off message yesterday in a tirade that not once mentioned jobs.  Not once.  What’s going on?

Maybe we should ask Jai Chabria.  You may recall that Chabria was one of the two unfortunates in Kasich’s famed “two man” Lehman Brothers Columbus office.  Since the Lehman collapse, Chabria’s role in the Kasich campaign has been kitchen cabinet – think Vernon Jordan to Bill Clinton.  He’s always around, has the candidate’s ear, and expects a big role in a Kasich administration.

Chabria is a Kasich sycophant of the highest order.  Here’s a video from Chabria’s […]

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Quinnipiac continues to the an outlier poll that has grossly overestimated John Kasich’s lead.  For that reason, I debate even writing about a poll that even Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine said in Sunday’s Dispatch is simply not believable.

But in case you’re wondering, and you have a sadist streak that requires you to fret over nonsense polls, today’s Quinnipiac poll also shows the race tightening to Kasich 49% to Strickland 43%—a six-point race.

What’s remarkable about it is that it’s the first time since Quinnipiac went to its flawed likely voter model that it has Kasich […]

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