From the daily archives: Monday, October 11, 2010

Every time I turn around John Kasich is dissing Ohio and Ohioans. It’s been the only consistent message his campaign has had to offer us and, honestly, it’s really starting to piss me off.

As an Ohioan – born and raised – I am sick and tired of hearing this guy from Pennsylvania (born and raised) whine constantly about Ohio. Today he finally crossed the line.

Today John Kasich said that all we have to do to create more jobs in Ohio is for Ohioans to “stop being lazy and sloppy.”

Lazy and sloppy.


This guy spent the […]

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Iott attacks Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, for being offended that Iott spent his weekends dressed as an SS soldier in an unit that committed horrible atrocities on unarmed Jewish citizens and captured Allied soldiers (including Americans.)

On a side note, I can’t imagine a worse graf to have running under you that says: “Candidate’s Nazi hobby” three weeks before an election.

Cantor is not the only one Iott who could call as someone acting like a Democrat.  The Republican Jewish Conference also strongly condemned Iott and declared him unfit for office.  


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If having the national congressional campaign pull out of your race is a sign of that weakness, then doesn’t the fact that NRCC pulled out first mean something?

Apparently not, if you’re the national political press.  This morning, the Twitterverse was, well, all a twitter over Stu Rothenberg’s site reporting that the DCCC had cancelled its ad buys after this week in this race as a sign of the Democrats writing off the race.

However, as I reported earlier, the Driehaus campaign stated that the DCCC simply was responding to the NRCC pulling out of the race first.


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Work has kept me from commenting much on anything, but I wanted to take a moment, on National Coming Out Day, to address the recent anti-bullying efforts in response to the horrific spate of gay teenager suicides.

I’ve spent a good decade now overcoming the consequences of my own terrible decision to remain in the closet about my bisexuality.  I take responsibility for that decision, and all the stupid decisions that followed.  That does not change the fact that growing up LGBT in the mid 1980’s was about a million times worse than it is today.  Not even Elton John, […]

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Ben Marrison has  been obsessed with former Ohio Department of Pubic Safety Josh Engel, who was fired, in part, because it was revealed that Engel had the agency’s IT department automatically forward him any e-mail from the Columbus Dispatch to an agency employee as a means to stop confidential information about the agency from being “leaked” to the Dispatch.

Marrison has made a number of wild, outrageous claims about what Engel’s activities regarding the Dispatch means.  Despite our “smaller” circulation, we feel it’s necessary to address some of these claims that should have been unfit for print anywhere, let alone […]

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Josh Mandel couldn’t tell the truth if it could win him an election.

On Friday, he claimed that his campaign was “pulling” their controversial Islamophobic ad.  It turned out it ran all this weekend as planned.  The campaign just simply tried to shoot for positive spin on it for the Sunday opinion columns for “doing the right thing" when, in fact, the campaign did everything according to their plans.

Then Tim posted about how a mailer, with the exact same message, was received on Saturday.  Despite a week of widespread condemnation for an attack Mandel has been using all year.


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When I saw the media reports that the DCCC had cancelled its ad buys in the Ohio First Congressional District contest, I immediately requested comment from Tim Mulvey, Communication Director of the Driehaus for Congress campaign.

Mr. Mulvey replied in a short e-mail message (not a press release):

“We understand that the DCCC made this move after the NRCC did the same in this race. The DCCC continues to support our estimable field operation.

“We haven’t seen much [independent expenditures] in this race, and we’re roughly neck-and-neck with Chabot in terms of campaign expenditures.”

Driehaus’ campaign spokesman also added […]

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In his defense, I’m sure that he was just doing a historical re-enactment of a racist asshole.

Late last month, writing for the Toledo Free Press, Lisa Renee Ward (who also blogs at Glass City Jungle).  Apparently in 2008, Iott’s son (who reportedly participated with dad in their SS re-enactments) was in college and signed a lease with several other roommates.  Mr. Iott also signed as guarantor of the lease.  For reasons that aren’t explained, the younger Iott wanted out of the lease and litigation between the roommates ensued.

Mr. Iott reportedly stated in an e-mail […]

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Okay, so I bumped what I had intended to be the inaugural post in these series because I found today’s Associated Press story too tempting.

Kasich, a former Lehman Brothers managing director, said there would be "no more bureaucrats, no more bungling, no more tripping over one another."

John Kasich says we need to replace the public Department of Development with a private corporation that can “move at the speed of business.”  But does creating an ability to dole out corporate welfare quicker lead to better results?

Not really, according to an analysis by the […]

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