From the daily archives: Monday, October 25, 2010

It’s getting nasty out there.  There’s absolutely no justification for this kind of reaction.  You see a Rand Paul supporter literally stomp on the woman’s head.  A defenseless woman in a crowd of yelling men.

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Franklin County Commissioner candidate Julie Hubler (R), I think, just surpassed Tom Ganley’s “Owl” ad.

What do you think?

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This is what John Kasich has to say about this election.  It is the most partisan rant we’ve seen him give this election so far.  And just about every word that John Kasich says shows a man who is delusional.  Seriously, and pathetically delusional.

According to CNN:

“In my entire political life I have never seen the kind of negative, smearing, lying stuff that these Democrats have done and brought on the people of this state.”

That’s a pretty remarkable thing for Kasich to say given what he saw in 1996.  In 1996, Kasich’s […]

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Just watched this pathetic video of John Kasich.  What a joke.  I think John Kasich has lost his mind.  See, his eyes are turning green!

First of all, John Kasich has a lot of nerve saying that Democrats are peddling fear, and Republicans are peddling hope.  Really?  Since when?  Have you watched Fox News lately, John?  I realize they aren’t PAYING you anymore, but turn it on once for 5 seconds.  You’d think a muslim junta had taken over America already, led by a black panther in the White House, surrounded by Nazi doctors who are about […]

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CNN notes for the second time in a day a drastic difference between Rob Portman and John Kasich:

One fan of this site already made this music suggestion.

Frankly, I was thinking this instead:

John Kasich is refusing to talk to the media in the final week.  He refuses to be held accountable for his false, ridiculous partisan meltdown.

And if independents and undecided voters hear what Kasich said today, he will lose (if he hasn’t already lost.)

This campaign was supposed to be John Kasich’s big comeback.  He essentially been planning this […]

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We already know that disgraced former Treasurer Joe Deters has been helping Josh Mandel raise money for his campaign (he also gave $7,500 himself).

But that’s just the start. Mandel’s campaign coffers are filled with money from shady characters and outright criminals from the financial industry; people who have famously ruined companies and destroyed lives through horrible financial decisions and plain, old-fashioned thievery.

People like…

Selig Zises

Selig has given more than $15,000 to Mandel. Selig and his brother “have been involved in a number of high-risk ventures over the years. Both created (Selig was the […]

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Here’s a picture from the Ohio Republican Party’s Statewide Ticket bus tour event in Cincinnati:

A month ago, Lee Fisher had a rally in the same venue.  And they packed the entire venue with folks outside.  I should know, I was there.  From side through side, the entire venue was packed. The entire GOP ticket can’t even fill up the same venue.

One week before the election, the entire GOP gets less of a turnout in Cincinnati than Lee Fisher could turnout out a month prior.


[UPDATE:] 24-hours after it endorsed him (again), the Cincinnati […]

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[UPDATE:] According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kasich’s campaign alleges that despite the shows clear format and history of always taking viewer calls, they claim that they were told originally that the show promised them a different format and that NPR tried to change the format at the last minute.

The only problem with this story (beyond that it’s not true) is that the alleged “new” format was the usual format of the show.

Still left unexplained is what the Kasich campaign’s excuse why it didn’t take reporter questions throughout the day unlike the more accessible Portman […]

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Just got word the John Kasich bailed on a scheduled interview with National Public Radio “Talk of the Nation” ten minutes before it was scheduled to air, leaving the interview solely with Strickland.  Kasich pullout supposedly because he refused to agree to take questions from listeners.

Before you think this might be some Juan Williams-inspired boycott, Kasich also refused any reporter’s questions at the ORP’s coordinated campaign bus tour kickoff event this morning, too.

Will update as more information comes in.

[UPDATE:] CNN is reporting that John Kasich has flown off the deep end today […]

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That’s the Ohio Republican Party’s statewide tour bus.  It has Montana plates.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s Strickland’s:

It’s hard to see, but it’s definitely has Ohio plates.

The Republicans even outsourced their tour bus…. No Ohio pride at all.

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Feel the GOP wave…

On October 25, 2010 By

Here’s the picture the Kasich-Taylor campaign put out on it’s GOTV bus tour kickoff in Kasich’s hometown:

$5 one of the people in picture is Colton Henson, Kasich-Taylor intern.   Should Rob Portman be concerned with the lack of Portman T-shirts in the crowd?  🙂

BTW, those are hideous looking banners.  What is that color?  Puke?

Meanwhile, Ted Strickland is getting a similar crowd at his GOTV meeting in Marietta:

And in Toledo:

You’d normally expect the one and only kickoff of the statewide bus tour to be one of the highlight events of […]

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