From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uses the same footage from his “Angry” to make a response ad to Kasich’s new attack ad that he released yesterday that the Dispatch called dishonest.

The guy with Governor Strickland is his brother, Roger, who is a terrific guy who’s been campaigning relentlessly for Ted in the RV Sportsman for Strickland.

Kasich has spent a considerable amount of time explaining to his Tea Party supporters why he voted for Clinton’s “assault weapons” ban.  However, he’s yet to explain why he:

Opposed multiple efforts by Republicans to repeal the Clinton assault weapons ban; Kasich opposed efforts to repeal […]

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From the original complaint:

The lawyer for the victim alleges he has confirmed that Ganley owns such a condo.

This guy wants to be in Congress.  He likes making women objects to submit to him.  He’s supported by a GOP county chairman who said we needed to get “Betty Sutton out of the House and back in the kitchen.”

He denies the allegations.  Says he has documentation that proves he’s innocent, but has not produced it.

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WKYC in Cleveland reports that Cleveland police have contacted Tom Ganley’s attorneys to request setting up an interview regarding the alleged victim’s allegation that Ganley sexually assaulted her in October 2009.

Ganley has a constitutional right not to be questioned by the police.  And, generally, that would be the expected advice of any criminal defense counsel not to subject him to such an interview except that Ganley is running for Congress and he (politically) cannot afford to appear to be not cooperating with the police.  Furthermore, most people don’t care what the Fifth Amendment says—they believe if you […]

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Sometimes, the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus) surprises me.  Today, they did a fact-check on Kasich’s latest attack ad in which Kasich attempt to blame Ohio’s job losses on Strickland’s record on the budget and taxes.

And the Dispatch reports that the attacks aren’t true:

But the statement that Strickland "destroyed Ohio jobs when he busted the budget and raised our taxes" is problematic in several ways. The argument by the Kasich campaign is that tax hikes kill jobs, and that Strickland raised taxes in the current two-year budget when he proposed a "delay" of the final 4.2 percent cut […]

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Again, the candidate’s don’t need to report their actual cash-on-hand figures until later this month, so this is strictly what they raised last month.

Governor:  Ted Strickland raised a respectable $1.6 million to Kasich’s nearly $2.1 million.  Strickland’s fundraising clearly took a hit those weeks that the Dispatch, SurveyUSA, and previous Quinnipiac poll came out showing ridiculous double-digits leads.  Kasich’s fundraising, however, did not show any improvement from August.

Kasich’s $400k advantage helps him close an estimated cash-on-hand disadvantage of anywhere between $2 to $4 million.  However, this late in a game, it’s not going to be enough to cut […]

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Look, the only reason to add the gratuitous word “mosque” in an email to Mandel’s conservative base is to stoke anti-Islamic hysteria.  It’s not a relevant detail otherwise.

Second, it is insulting for Mandel to suggest that there are no “qualified financial professionals” who attend a mosque.

So, I have to disagree with Joseph who gave Mandel the benefit of the doubt today.  Mandel’s ad was not a one-time dog whistle to Islamaphobia.  It’s been part of his campaign messaging for some time.  As Hallett noted in his article, not only was it used in this […]

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Remember how just last week, John Kasich attacked the notion of a renewable energy mandate as a jobs killer?

Why don’t you take it from there Cleveland Plain Dealer:

In a joint news conference with Gov. Ted Strickland, American Electric Power CEO Michael Morris said AEP is partnering with a developer to build a 50 million-watt solar field on 500 acres in southeast Ohio that was once a strip mine.

"The future has recognized Ohio," Strickland said in brief remarks.

The project will power 25,000 homes, when the sun in shining, and will […]

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The journey from Josh Mandel, hard-working Student Council President to Josh Mandel, racist Islamaphobe has been a pretty short one.

In 1999 Josh was a Junior at OSU and he was just getting started in politics. He was elected to his second term as OSU Student President that year. At the time he had no idea what he wanted the be when he grew up, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t a politician.

“I don’t enjoy the political part of the job. I enjoy the Ohio State part and the service part, but I don’t enjoy the political […]

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The Columbus Dispatch covers Kasich’s press conference yesterday by highlighting that it was nothing more than Kasich attacking how Strickland has handled the budget—with Kasich adamantly refusing to present any alternative.  This is what Republicans call “leadership.”

Kasich, only when asked, says that he has not backed down from his pledge to repeal the income tax.  He, again, stated that he has no intention of showing a plan on how he’d pay for it—at all—before the election.  Nor could he really define what timetable he’d set to pay for it.

Instead, Kasich actually resorted to “trickle down” theory.  […]

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Even it shows that the Governor’s race is substantially tightening in a matter of a few weeks.  Back in mid-September, Quinnipiac showed a jaw-dropping seventeen-point lead for John Kasich which was five-points greater than any other poll has shown in the race period.  Since then, we’ve seen a number of polls come out that showed the race is in a statistical dead heat.

Today, Quinnipiac released a new poll that still shows the biggest lead than any other poll… but now it’s only a nine-point lead (one point higher than the most recent Rasmussen poll.)

Kasich: 50% Strickland: […]

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