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Endorsements are a throwback to machine politics.  They’re a way to introduce someone new to the tribe by having someone in your community say, “You like me; I like this guy; therefore, you should like this guy, too.”  It’s tribal politics in the modern age.

Logical syllogisms aside, one thing endorsements are NOT supposed to do is reinforce a major criticism of the endorsed candidate.  And yet, today in Cuyahoga County, one of John Kasich’s endorsers did just that.

For reasons that are more about optics than substance, John Kasich today unveiled that he had over 100 endorsements […]

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The Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza’s latest “The Fix” story continues to obsess over where the DCCC has pulled out of (with no mention of the NRCC’s movement).  It mentions the “pull out” of the DCCC in the Driehaus/Chabot rematch (even though it’s only in paid advertising.  The DCCC is still funding the ground game there, and it only is pulling out after this week because the NRCC already has.)

But it also mentioned this on the Ganley race:

Cleveland – There are slight cuts for both Reps. John Boccieri (D-Ohio) and Zack Space (D-Ohio), but the big cuts […]

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Yeah, this is worse than just being a historic re-enactor…

The troops he engaged as a romanticized “re-enactor” in was involved in atrocities and collaborated with the Nazi occupational force.   Kind of hard to view them as defenders of the homeland.

TPM notes that a still living member of this brigade was charged with the war crime murder of nearly 60 Jews.   Iott would be better off just hiding out until November.  He’s actually making it harder on himself.

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That’s right.  The Angel of Death himself.

In January 1942, while serving with the SS Wiking Division deep behind Soviet lines, he pulled two German soldiers from a burning tank, and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class as well as the Black Badge for the Wounded and the Medal for the Care of the German People. Mengele was wounded during this campaign; since he could not return to combat, he was posted at the Race and Resettlement Office inBerlin.

Who among us hasn’t spent a sunny fall weekend dressing up as SS […]

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Tom Ganley’s campaign will go down as the “mouse that roared.”  At one time, Ganely said he was prepared to spend $7 million of his own money in this race.  If he’s spent $1 million so far, I’d be surprised.

According to the Associated Press, Ganley has made the decision to cancel his ad buy for the final weeks of the campaign. 

An Ohio Republican House candidate facing allegations he groped a would-be campaign volunteer has pulled the plug on his broadcast TV advertising in the final weeks of his competitive race against […]

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OH-09: It’s over

On October 12, 2010 By

It’s all fun and games until pictures of you posing as an SS butcher surfaces:

From the Toledo Blade’s editorial page, Iott has a “Tea Party” civil rights problem, too:

During a recent debate, 9th Congressional District candidate Rich Iott was indecisive about whether he would have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I was surprised to hear that — and disturbed.
The 1964 act prohibits race discrimination in education, employment, and places of public accommodation, as well as discrimination on the basis of sex, national origin, and religion in employment. It is one of […]

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There’s today’s editorial cartoon in the Cleveland Plain Dealer… which has endorsed Kasich because of his “bipartisan” nature.

More people will probably see this cartoon than had actually read their editorial.

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