From the daily archives: Friday, October 8, 2010

The ODP released this video a few days ago that I continue to laugh about. It contains clips of Kasich’s fake-steelworker ad interspersed with short clips of the same actor in other movies. The original video was removed from YouTube after one of the studios complained about copyright infringement but it’s still available on Vimeo for all to enjoy.

Untitled from Jeremy Froughlin on Vimeo.

The problem, as the EFF points out, is that they really had no right to have the original video removed from YouTube. I’m no expert on copyright law but when […]

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Enjoy your weekend!

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in honor of that and the passage of House Bills 10 and 19, Attorney General Richard Cordray has teamed up with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network to release “Teen Relationship Violence: A Resource Guide to Safety.”

House Bill 19, which was passed by a largely partisan voted of 62-35, was named after teenager Tina Croucher who was murdered by her former boyfriend in 1992.  The bill was introduced by State Rep. Sandra Stabile Harwood (D-Niles) and requires schools to teach dating abuse […]

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Or not.  Who knows.  Anthony wonders too. Given the amount of search traffic on this, the rumor mill still churns on.

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So now I’m getting blow back on my post about John Kasich’s fake steelworker.  The good news is that my message on ex-offender rights is getting traction.  The complicated news is that…well….this is a complicated issue.

Many people are surprised that I haven’t got a problem with folks bringing up dude’s criminal record.  “I thought we weren’t supposed to bring up criminal records.  Hypocrisy!”  Given I’ve been badgered with my own criminal record unjustly for such a long time, and so many of my own supporters are the folks wondering if I’m a hypocrite, I understand that reaction. So […]

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Suffolk University out of Boston polled the Ohio Statewide races as well as some other issues.  I guess it’s a testament to the important of Ohio to the national political scene that we have so many out-of-state, East Coast universities who poll Ohio fairly regularly like Quinnipiac.

Anyway, the poll of 500 likely voters had some expected, and unexpected results.

The Expected

Guess which polling outfit has shown the closest margin in the Senate race?  Well, this poll comes close but it’s still shows a double-digit lead as opposed to the last Rasmussen poll which is the only […]

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