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Palin freaking out GOP

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After the experience, the campaign, filled with conservatives who thought well of Palin, began referring to her as “Princess Sarah,” said the source close to the situation…


“It says to me she’s not serious about running for president,” said a source close to Grassley, suggesting that a real White House hopeful would not have snubbed a figure like the senior senator in the state that begins the nomination process.

Sarah 2012!!

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Earlier today, Matt Naugle, whose thoughts on all things Jewish are, to say the least, quite interesting, made a death threat at someone close to the governor.  Here’s what that Tweet looks like now.

I’m told Naugle has been on a Twitter delete campaign today, erasing other brain farts that ooze out of his ass, too.  It’s not the first death threat Naugle has casually tossed around online.  Won’t be the last.

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From Huffington Post:

A congressional candidate criticized for dressing in a Nazi uniform during World War II re-enactments is facing questions from his opponent about whether he is exaggerating his military service.

Republican Rich Iott is a colonel in the Ohio Military Reserve, a volunteer militia authorized by the state and overseen by the commander of the Ohio’s national guard units.

The (Toledo) Blade reports that Iott says in a campaign mailer that his experience helps him understand "the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made because he serves himself."

His opponent in the fall election, […]

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Jon Keeling writes a post about Governor Strickland raising money in New York City for the Ohio Democratic Party and declares that this makes Strickland a hypocrite for all his talk about “Wall Street.”  Because just like his old boss John Kasich, Keeling apparently believes that there’s only one road in NYC.

Apparently, the Carpetblogger didn’t know that Josh Mandel, GOP candidate for State Treasurer, just hit NYC on Tuesday for a lil’ R& R jaunt of his own.

And what “sights” did Mr. Mandel see on his NYC adventure?  Well, he went to a fundraiser at […]

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It’s an election year in Ohio, which means it’s time for the national wannabe blog kingpins to fuck up our state’s politics.  Yay.

We all remember Cliff Schecter in Ohio.  Used to be one of our favorite Ohio bloggers.  Now, Cliff is making a habit of being Jane Hamsher’s whore, and getting fired from campaigns all over the state, including Marilyn Brown’s doomed 2009 primary against Jennifer Garrison’s doomed run for Secretary of State.  Recently, Cliff got fired (i.e. resigned lol) from Kevin Boyce’s state treasurer’s office.  Why this guy keeps turning up like a bad penny is anyone’s […]

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Yesterday, I said that as of the 15th of October, the early vote breakdown in Hamilton County was this:

Dem-20,137 Rep-22,831 Non-19,382 Others-210

Yesterday, that got updated to show this breakdown:

The present breakdown is as follows (as of 10/19/2010):

Absentee Ballots Requested (incl. in-person early votes):

Dem – 21,143 (13,270 voted so far) Rep – 23,508 (15,650 voted so far) Issues – 20,568 (8,899 voted so far)

So we went from an 2,694 gap to and 2,365 gap in a day.  Encouraging, but still underperforming from what we should be seeing.  (However, a commenter […]

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From his Twitter.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem is.  A friend of mine who works with special needs kids took one look at the infamous Naugle video and said “Aspergers.”  That might explain a lot, but not all of it.  Either way, here’s hoping the kid gets some medication soon before we have to detail this any further.

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Time to check in on the Cuyahoga County races.  It’s not pretty.

Our nominee for county executive, Public Official #14 himself, Ed Fitzgerald, has one ad on his Youtube channel, which claims to have aired in September.  That probably means the first week of September, right before the September 7 primary, because I have yet to see it on Cleveland TV during the general.  Meanwhile, Republican Matt Dolan’s ads are running all the time, featuring, you guessed it, Public Official #14.

Ken Lanci, the much hyped independent who had promised to spend whatever it took to win, is […]

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Because where else can you get paid to be a headhunting jackass.

Harrison’s agent, Bill Parise, had told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that his client was “very serious” about retiring

In other news, Sarah Palin was also very serious about being governor of Alaska. You can just hear the conversation with his agent.

“Dude, I knocked out their best player!  How awesome am I!”

“You’re so awesome, James.”

“How do I milk this some more?”

“Feign outrage, James.”


“Yeah.  Means pretend.”

“Oh, ha ha ha, yeah, that.  I’ll pretend to retire.”

“Genius, James!  That’ll get you on […]

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Check this site. Many will recall the epic series of print ads for my county council race earlier this year.  They included….

…and this one, which may be the defining print ad of my race.

The ads were designed by Tremont artist Rick Novario, who has just finished re-vamping his website,, to allow purchase of pre-designed banners for any occasion.  So click through, have a look at Rick’s stuff, and if you need a banner this holiday season, do me a favor – buy it from Rick. He’s one of […]

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