From the daily archives: Monday, October 4, 2010

Last month, John Kasich admitted that he believes his “No New Tax” pledge he signed with the Americans for Tax Reform does not include eliminating tax expenditures (targeted tax breaks) despite the ATR’s public statement that it does.

Today, during his campaign press conference, Kasich was asked after countless other Republicans campaigned on such pledges only to break it, why should voters trust him.  He gave a two minute angry answer about how he was different from every one of those Republicans.  Kasich angrily rejected the notion that he was like those other pledge breakers.

And then he […]

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I just saw this Kilroy ad on Facebook and I nearly spit out my drink laughing. Thought I’d share:

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the ad is calling Steve Stivers a chicken for dropping out of a debate in Columbus with Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and two third-party candidates running in Ohio’s 15th.


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Back in March, during the height of the so-called “Tobacco-gate” hysteria, the Ohio Inspector General announced indictments in Brown County of several Franklin County ODNR employees alleging that those employees decision to handle a personnel administratively, but without a criminal referral, constituted felony obstructing of justice and complicity to felony tampering of records.

The indictments were announced with much fanfare and were viewed as a veiled threat and “shot across the bow” to the Ohio Department of Public Safety which was embroiled in a very public fight over the Superintendant of the Highway Patrol’s decision of what the […]

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Begging to differ, Anthony

On October 4, 2010 By

Anthony at ODB, on Rob Portman.

If this guy has the next two years to help dismantle health care, Wall Street reform, and everything else we’ve worked on, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves when we lose everything from the top down.

I’ll have plenty to say about that after the election.

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From Marc Kovac at Ohio Capital Blog

Notice the plaque in the back.  This was filmed at the ORP’s State HQ, after the Chamber’s representative leant his title as a political prop for the Kasich campaign at a press event held at the Ohio Republican Party’s State Headquarters. Irony surrenders.

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Paragraph 8-9 of the Amended Complaint:

The first rule of the secret sex orgy club—you don’t talk about the secret sex orgy club.

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The alleged victim filed an amended complaint specifying that her sexual harassment claim is based on the denial of promised employment by Ganley after she rebuffed his alleged sexual advances.

The Plain Dealer also does a quick bio on both the accuser and her attorney and explains why the Ganley defenders claims that this was some “Democratic/Sutton plot” doesn’t hold water.

Heben said his client is an ardent abortion opponent who volunteered for the 2008 GOP congressional campaign of Jim Trakas, a former Cuyahoga County Republican Party chairman who ran against Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Heben himself […]

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The head of the NFIB and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce are supposed to do a press conference with Kasich this afternoon.  My prediction?  They’ll spend a significant portion of the time blasting Strickland’s “anti-business” rhetoric because Strickland had dared to blame Wall $treet greed for this recession.

Last I checked, the only institutions getting less trust and favorability ratings than Congress from the pubic is “big business.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that a national poll has never found a public more hostile to free trade:

In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, more than […]

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Politics Extra Blog (“Who’s voting early?”):

Jessie Sears  of Avondale was one of about 30 people – nearly all Democrats and members of the NAACP – who camped out overnight on Broadway downtown to be there when the Hamilton County Board of Elections began its in-person early-voting at 8 a.m.

She spent the chilly night in a lawn chair, wrapped in a heavy pullover, while her 18-year-old grandson, Emmanuel Brockman, slept tin the car.

“I think it is important,” Sears said. “If we don’t vote, so many of the things we have gained […]

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Are you ready for some DEBATES?

All my rowdy friends are comin’ over tonight…

(Yes, I’m mixing up the two theme songs…)

Ohio Senate Debate- Toledo

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Fisher and Portman square off in the first of three debates tonight in Toledo.

The Toledo Blade has the full coverage.  According to the Blade, if you’re in the Toledo area, it will be broadcast live over WTVG Channel 13, which also plans a live webcast of it as well.  C-SPAN will also carry it live, but I don’t know if it’s Original Receipe, the Deuces, or C-SPAN Ocho.  Just flip around 7 p.m. 

Rob Portman is well respected as a debater.  He helped Dick Cheney prep against both Joe Lieberman and John Edwards […]

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