From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here’s what CNN’s exit polling in 2008 in Ohio showed:

And here’s what CNN’s exit polling showed in Ohio in 2006:

And here’s the CNN exit polling in Ohio in 2004:

Now, given that there are nearly one million less registered Republicans than Democrats in Ohio and our best cycles ever never had us breaking past 40% total turnout even when that advantage was 2 million, do you now understand why Tim and I keep saying the likely turnout models in the Ohio Poll showing the general electorate […]

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I’m sure Susan Goldberg judges her 3 years as editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to be triumphantly crowned in glistening gold,  engraved with her name, for her newspaper’s role in passing Issue 6 in the fall of 2009.  A fine feather in that cap, indeed, which I’m sure Susan relentlessly sold in her job interview to become an editor at Bloomberg.

The rest of us won’t really know how much metro editor Chris Quinn’s relationship with Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason resulted in the PD’s complete ignorance of Mason writing his job into perpetuity as the sole remaining […]

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As a self-respecting Browns fan, addicted to watching every game no matter how pathetic, I of course saw the two hits James Harrison put on Joshua Cribbs and Mohammed Massaquoi in Sunday’s Browns-Steelers game.  Harrison got fined $75,000 for the hits, and instead of considering his whiny ass lucky for not getting flagged on both plays for personal fouls and thus ejected from the game, Harrison is complaining about how he can’t play anymore if he has to live under the threat of suspension.  As are other NFL defensive players.

Cry me a fucking river.  If you can’t play football […]

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Here’s my new favorite John Kasich photo – no Photoshopping necessary!

The photo comes to us courtesy of the The Daily Advocate which claims “there was a massive turnout at the GOP Headquarters located on South Broadway in Greenville” to see John Kasich on the day this photo was taken.

Here’s a picture of the big grand opening of that Darke County GOP Headquarters building a few weeks earlier:

Pretty tiny building. Hard to believe you could legally have more than 50 people in that room at any given time. But I guess for a […]

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48-47.  I’m not the polling blogger here at PB, but I have been noticing something very weird about this cycle’s measurement of the so-called “enthusiasm gap”.

As Modern has pointed out, many of the polls showing Kasich ahead by a wide margin sample Republican voters at nearly a majority of the entire electorate.

There is no evidence, none, that the smallest population of the registered voter population in Ohio (registered Republicans) will be the biggest population of the general election population in November to such an extent that they will be a majority of the general election vote […]

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This comment thread is pretty interesting – lots of defense of a bunch of kids chanting “powder blue faggots” like it’s a party.  The chief defense seems to be that it’s been going on a long time, kids are stupid, rivalry game, let ’em be.

Really?  That’s the defense?

What if you’re a gay kid at the football game, sitting down the bleacher from this?  Every week?  And let’s say you’re a gay kid in the closet, for whom coming out is simply unthinkable.  You’re supposed to go along with slurring yourself because this has been done for decades?  […]

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In classic DJBG style.

So wear your colors, go purple go pink go blue whatever it takes. To torture another human is wrong. Period, the end. PS -I hope Marc’s lawn sucks in comparison to his neighbors Adam & Steve.


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It’s starting to be said among the glitterati of our party that Lee Fisher’s presence on this statewide ticket, as was predicted ad nauseum for a solid year, is bringing down the ticket as a whole.  That was going to be a problem if Lee was Mr. Money Bags, whose only argument for nomination was his fundraising prowess.  But when your US Senate candidate is out of money, unable to air TV spots, while his opponent is running spots non-stop statewide – bigger deal.  Kind of a multiplier effect against the rest of the ticket, which in Lee’s case, multiplies […]

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The New York Times pulls this nugget out of a recent CBO report:

“The parties share blame for the current fiscal situation, but federal budget statistics show that Republican policies over the last decade, and the cost of the two wars, added far more to the deficit than initiatives approved by the Democratic Congress since 2006, giving voters reason to be skeptical of campaign promises.

“Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the […]

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Back on the first of October I wrote:

The suit also alleges that the attorney who had served as Ganley’s general counsel for twenty-five years, Russell Harris, “just filed a law suit against Ganley on September 17, 2010 in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Case No. CV 2010 736109; apparently related to the attempted suborning of perjury by Ganley.”  However, that suit was allowed to be filed “under seal” according to the Cuyahoga County Clerk’s Office.  Thus preventing a copy of the Complaint to be public record.  I would expect that either the Cleveland Plain Dealer […]

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As of the 15th of October, the Hamilton County breakdown for early vote requests (according to the Hamilton County Board of Elections) is as follows:

Dem-20,137 Rep-22,831 Non-19,382


So while it appears that the Democrats are leading in the early vote overall based largely on leads in Franklin, Summit, and Cuyahoga counties, Hamilton County—which is now largely considered a blue(ish) county is underperforming. 

The biggest reason for the lead in Hamilton County early vote, in my opinion, is probably this is Rob Portman’s geographical base.  With the absence of a competitive Senate campaign in the region, Portman’s […]

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