So what is a plunderbund? Something you do at kindergarten? The result of too much beer on Oktoberfest?

Plunderbund is a colloquial term stumbled upon by the site founder Eric Vessels in a dictionary word of the day email.  It means “political corruption“:

plunderbund – [U.S. colloq.] A corrupt alliance of
political, commercial, and financial interests engaged
in exploiting the public

1914 Voice of People (New Orleans) 8 Jan. 1/1 The
whole force of the Texan plunderbund..are howling at
the heels of the dauntless army of workers.

Liking the sound of it, he checked to see if the domain was available (it was) and was born!  The rest, as they say,  is history.

Plunderbund is a political blog focusing on Ohio and national politics.  Loyal readers can tell you that we often use humor to make our points, but also do intense research and break news stories as well.


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