Keith Olbermann’s Worst Persons segment tonight references information straight out of two of our recent exclusive stories.

For the record: Plunderbund was the first to report that Mecklenborg was likely arrested with a stripper and that Mecklenborg lied on his license application.


  • I loved it.  Keith Olberman described him as a Koch Stooge.

  • Walbridge Rocks

    Too funny. But that’s what he is bought and paid for by the koch’s.

  • FredDavis

    You sure he’s someone you want to emulate?

  • Guest

    Thanks Joseph,
    Love KO, hate Prince John the rotten and all of his friends and minions. Good riddance to Mr. Mecklenborg. He’s a lying hypocrite like all of the rotten, radical greedy, slutty, ugly, monstrous R’s.

  • Anonymous

    Define “he” Freddie.
    I think that Keith missed a golden opportunity to name the water monger from Napoleon to the list.  Maybe next time.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but Keith Olbermann bashing King John Kasick (misspelling intentional) has as much credence to me as the Moonie Times having an orgasm over his performance as Governor of Ohio.  Both sources are over-the-top incredible.

  • +1

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