1,298,301.  That’s how many signatures the “We Are Ohio” campaign says they turned into the Secretary of State’s office just now for the SB 5 repeal petition.  In just a couple of months, they were able to get over a million more signatures than they needed.

Meanwhile, the pro-SB 5 campaign “Building a Better Ohio” Facebook page is up to 847 followers.  And that’s after John Kasich and Mitt Romney’s campaigns pushed their supporters to follow it on Facebook as has Shannon Jones’ campaign and the Ohio Republican Party.

Wow.  Never before has Ohio seen a petition with so many signatures on it, and I guarantee that we’ve never seen so  many signatures gathered by unpaid volunteers (“We Are Ohio” did use paid petitioners as well, but it appears most came from the volunteers.)

They almost DOUBLED the number of signatures they reported just twelve days ago…

It’s impossible to see how SB 5 is not on the Ohio ballot this November, folks.  And given that We Are Ohio got as many signatures as they’ll need votes to win (more on that tonight), it’s looking pretty good for them right now.

Things like this make me proud to be an Ohioan.

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