1,298,301.  That’s how many signatures the “We Are Ohio” campaign says they turned into the Secretary of State’s office just now for the SB 5 repeal petition.  In just a couple of months, they were able to get over a million more signatures than they needed.

Meanwhile, the pro-SB 5 campaign “Building a Better Ohio” Facebook page is up to 847 followers.  And that’s after John Kasich and Mitt Romney’s campaigns pushed their supporters to follow it on Facebook as has Shannon Jones’ campaign and the Ohio Republican Party.

Wow.  Never before has Ohio seen a petition with so many signatures on it, and I guarantee that we’ve never seen so  many signatures gathered by unpaid volunteers (“We Are Ohio” did use paid petitioners as well, but it appears most came from the volunteers.)

They almost DOUBLED the number of signatures they reported just twelve days ago…

It’s impossible to see how SB 5 is not on the Ohio ballot this November, folks.  And given that We Are Ohio got as many signatures as they’ll need votes to win (more on that tonight), it’s looking pretty good for them right now.

Things like this make me proud to be an Ohioan.

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  • Now that is what you call a fuck-ton. 

  • I’m guessing it’ll take another 200k-300k votes to ensure a victory – over the last three odd-year elections there have been 8 statewide issues on the ballot, 3 in 2009, 0 in 2007, and 5 in 2005.  The number of votes cast on these issues ranges from 2.795 million (statewide board of elections) and 3.233 million (the casino amendment that actually passed).  So, to get a majority of voters, it would have taken from 1.398M to 1.616M votes.

    There is another way to look at it, I guess. In 7 out of 8 of those votes, the losing side had fewer than 1,298,301 votes, so that would have been enough to win in a weird universe where turnout is abysmal, but only among those who would’ve voted for the winner anyway. Even using this definition, however, I’d probably keep my estimate. In 2009, casino opponents got 1.52M votes against the amendment, but still lost.

    Having said that, I’d put the over/under on pro-SB5 votes at an even million. Sure, enough Koch money on the air in October could push it higher, but  repeal is looking pretty darn good about now.

  • Jrmiller6020

    Another factor which many tend to overlook:  As long as the repeal requires a “NO” vote, the odds only increase in our favor.  You can bet the anti-labor big shots know this and are working the ballot commission to change that.  But I think in the long run SB 5 is gonna get tossed regardless…Jim, Columbus

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the Building a Better Ohio page, arguing with the teajadists. Don’t count me among their supporters! Early on, they were less than 300 and most of the people posting were anti-SB 5.

  • Anonymous

    Say “G’night” King Kasich.

  • ROFLMAO, Camilo!

  • Anonymous

    Makes me proud to be an Ohioan.  I do feel sorry for the ignorant folks who refused to sign the petition, though.

  • Random Thoughts

    I know of at least five people who wanted to sign it, but never got around to it, and I bet you know at least that many, too. So, if everyone who had wanted to sign it would have, we might have gotten five times that many signatures.

    I  just hope those other five people I know make the effort to go vote in November!

  • Another way of looking at it, is that is about 13 times Kasich’s margin of victory… methinks King John is in trouble. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I would like to this answer also. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I would like to thank all who collected signatures—  it took time to do it.
    I personally had a great time collecting –gave me a chance to meet people in my town and get their views. All it took was a few days of my time.
    Now lets get the voters out ………..  

  • Andy

    God, that Shannon Jones is ugly. Lady looks like a dude. 

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