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On the eve of the election, it’s hard to imagine a voter being moved by a long explanation of the factual details surrounding Issue 2, in either direction.  We’ve detailed every conceivable angle of Senate Bill 5, starting with its inception in February, its coming of age as it became a law, and its mid-life crisis as Issue 2.  Tomorrow, and in the days that follow, we will discuss its death and subsequent dismemberment by Republicans.

But tonight, as we think about voters who may still be undecided and looking to you, our readers, for direction, we wanted to find […]

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Shortly after the Republican Party’s 2010 victory, Governor-elect John Kasich’s first priority was attempting to getting Kevin DeWine replaced as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party by Kasich confidante/Franklin GOP Chairman Doug Preisse.  Not surprisingly, the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee saw no reason to replace the man who had just led the GOP party out of the political wilderness and back into power, sweeping all the State races, winning back the Ohio House, and picking up five Congressional seats (Space, Wilson, Boccieri, Driehaus, and Kilroy). So Kasich’s GOP coup was thwarted, and a rivalry deepened.  Preisse got a consolation prize of quickly […]

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There are a couple of things you should never do in a hotly contested political campaign.  The first is look like you’re picking on a great-grandmother who is grateful to her local firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter’s life.   The other thing is that you don’t have as the public face of your campaign an unpopular politician who is under water by double-digits in his approval/disapproval rating and have him travel the State delivering your message.   The brain trust that is the Building a Better Ohio campaign did both in the past month, and it’s had the predictable effect on Issue […]

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PPP and Quinnipiac seem to have an unspoken agreement that neither shall poll Ohio at the same time.  So, it’s hard to aggregated their data together and make trendlines, especially when both polls show sharp differences in the crosstabs.  In the last PPP poll in August, it showed Issue 2 with a statistically insignificant lead (two points) in favor of the Issue among independents.  Quinnipiac has consistently shown independents  as largely in favor of repeal.  However, both have shown, starting with the PPP in August the Issue 2 race narrowing.  However, it’s been roughly  three weeks since Quinnipiac’s last poll […]

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On second thought, Governor, I actually preferred it when your spokesman was just issuing a “no comment” on Building a Better Ohio’s “Grannygate” ad.

Gov. John Kasich, the main pitchman for Building a Better Ohio, said this morning that he doesn’t “run the campaign,” but “what they’re doing is fine."

“The ads and literature out there supporting Issue 2’s been based on facts,” Kasich told reporters following a speech to the Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio meeting. “We want people to pay their fair share and we want our cities to survive. Mayor (Mike) Bell, the mayor of […]

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Building a Better Ohio spokesman Jason Mauk finally issued a response on behalf of the campaign on their misappropriation of Cincinnati great-grandmother Marelene Quinn, who has politely asked the campaign to cease and desist their use of her in their ad since it creates the impression that she supports Issue 2, when the footage was taken from a We Are Ohio ad where she supports defeat of Issue 2.

In short, Mauk told the great-grandmother from Cincinnati to go jump in the Ohio River:

"We’re certainly not taking the ad down," Mauk said. "We absolutely stand by it and our […]

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On Saturday, the We Are Ohio campaign issued a new ad called “Zoey,” which featured a Cincinnati grandmother talking about how she was, in no uncertain terms, voting against Issue 2 because it impacts the safety and ability of firefighters to respond.  Firefighters like the ones who saved her granddaughter’s life.

This morning I saw a new Building a Better Ohio ad that looked awefully familiar running in Cincinnati.  It was familiar because it literally lifted select portions of the grandmother’s statements in the We Are Ohio ad, including using the same footage of firefighters fighting a […]

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I’m not sure which disappoints me more, an uninformed individual praising the virtues of Issue 2 or an educator spreading misinformation while pretending to be a representative of the profession.  Since the second Better Ohio video featuring a teacher covers both, I guess I don’t have to choose.  In the video is Columbus West High School teacher Jim Murray [no secret; check his Twitter account] from Better Ohio’s mindlessly named “Teacher Resource Center.”

How do I know he is uninformed?  Because he shared as much with me on Twitter about a month ago where he showed that he […]

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Fairfield County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Farmer is the star of Better Ohio’s latest commercial that squarely attacks hardworking teachers head on by insinuating much and providing no semblance of anything that could be termed “factual.”  In the most ironic moment of the clip, the chairman mentions that he tells his students “you can’t believe everything you hear” and proceeds to back up that statement expertly for the remaining two-thirds of his time on-screen.

Here’s the skinny on the main talking point in the ad, teacher compensation:

“Good teachers will be rewarded for the job they do and the […]

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The latest Quinnipiac Poll is out and it has the best polling news the outfit has shown for Kasich since he took office.  Kasich has seen a five-point bounce in his approval rating from 35% in late July to 40%.  His disapproval rating, however, remains largely unchanged since May hovering right at the 50% mark.  This is the most popular Kasich has been since taking office and he’s still -9% under water.  Independents, who were a key part of Kasich’s victory a year ago, still largely disapprove of him more than approve at 48%/38%.  Kasich’s bounce is due in […]

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It really shouldn’t be called that at all.

Yesterday, we said that to the extent the latest “We Are Ohio” ad implies the loophole would be repealed, that is misleading.  We then discussed the very provisions this ad rests on and said:

Anyone who claims that state public employee unions oppose Issue 2 because they oppose these limits is lying, plain and simple. 

Nothing has changed since yesterday.  This ad claims that these provisions will save “Ohio taxpayers money.”  To the extent that suggests it will save the people who pay State taxes money.  This is a blatant lie.  […]

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