At the risk of beating a dead horse, we just can’t let this one go.  We’ve posted ad nauseum about the teacher testing provision as it has evolved in the budget bill starting with the Governor, moving through the House, changing in the Senate during the first set of amendments, and changing one last time before passing on the Senate floor.

In the last revision, a sentence was added to the end of section B:

No teacher shall be responsible for the cost of taking an examination under this division.

Nothing else.  No mention anywhere else about who will be footing the bill for the $2.2 million cost of testing next year.

And apparently, nobody knows.  In the LSC’s comparison document for the final Senate version of the bill you can find this simple statement:

Fiscal effect: Presumably, the schools and school districts will be responsible for the costs of the exams.

Well then, on behalf of those schools, I presume the Republican caucus will write the check.  After all, they’re the only ones who voted for it.

  • Cmdrjan

    Can you say “unfunded mandate”?


  • Random Thoughts

    That one’s a head-scratcher, for sure.
    Take millions in funding away from the schools, then expect them to pay for millions in testing nonsense.
    I wish I could just imagine money in my bank account and it would magically be there, too! Then I wouldn’t have to teach and be a union thug and I could turn Republican and drink ‘ritas with Shannon Jones and …
    Never mind… I’ll take my pay cut and step freeze and shut up about it…

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