The United Steelworkers released a new website this week,, urging Governor Kasich to come back to the bargaining table to help save the jobs of nearly 1,000 Ormet employees who are now out of work and without health benefits.

Those layoffs came when the aluminum smelting companyshut down its Ohio factory last month after John Kasich’s Public Utilities Commission announced it would not provide the company a break on electricity rates. 

The new website features a very moving video featuring Ormet employees, many of whom are displeased with the Governor’s inaction, pleading with the Governor to help.

Here’s the video:


You can sign USW’s petition here.

  • dmoore2222

    This is a classic case of all sizzle and no steak. Kasich was in over his head from day one otherwise he would never have said stupid stuff like “operating at the speed of business,” especially when most Ohioans know that business never operates faster than when A) they’re taking government handouts (corporate welfare) or B) when they’re outsourcing American jobs.

  • NoVestedInterest

    He thought he was still talking to a Fox News audience.

  • Mike Cooper

    Mike Cooper
    Is this governor for real? I cant believe what actually comes out of this mans mouth or his puppets that talk for him. I never knew it was another states problem to fix something in Ohio just because they have workers in our state. I wonder how he would react if another state told him that he has to help their state because ohio people are employed in their state. This man does not have the right to represent ohio or its people because he clearly is out for his own personal agendas and the lining of his pockets. Mr. Kasich you will be remembered by not only the 1000 workers at the ormet corporation but the many many others you have affected. I personally dont know how you can look at yourself in the mirror and im sure your family is very proud of you..NOT

  • James McDonald

    guess the ceos didnt pay enough tribute to king john and his cronies in return for breaks. but what do they care they still get thier golden parachute and land somewhere else to cause more problems. but than again when king john did pay some corporations demands they still left and let people go unemployed. why to go gov, you are the #1 job killer in ohio

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