On October 2nd, John Kasich’s Public Utilities Commission announced it would not provide aluminum smelting company Ormet a break on electricity rates.

The following week the company announced it would be closing its doors, laying off the last 700 of the over 1000 workers Ormet employed at its peak.

Kasich Spokesman Rob Nichols quickly tried to shift the blame to someone other than the Governor of Ohio.

First up: West Virginia!

On multiple occasions Nichols noted that a lot of Ormet’s employees actually live in West Virginia so, of course, the whole Ohio-electricity-rate-related-problem is clearly WV’s fault.

The press and public weren’t buying it.   And neither was State Senator Lou Gentile from Steubenville who countered: “I was not aware that it is the responsibility of neighboring states to keep jobs in Ohio…  What might happen when a business that employs Ohioans in a neighboring state threatens to close? Will Ohio tax dollars be sent to Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana to keep businesses open there?”

We’re pretty sure we already know the answer to Gentile’s question given that Kasich has publicly dissed Pennsylvaniatrash talked Indiana, and attacked those “foreigners” from West Virginia and Michigan during his State of the State Speech.

Realizing the state-based xenophobia approach was not really working, Nichols came back with a new scapegoat: the “state of the aluminum market”.


And another miss.

In August 2009, Kasich criticized Governor Strickland for letting NCR leave Ohio for Georgia, saying that “he would have gone to the CEO’s house and ‘that guy couldn’t get out of his driveway because [he’d] be sitting on the hood of his car.’”

Four years later, and three years into his term, Kasich is now trying to blame West Virginia and that always-sneaky industrial metals “free market” for the latest loss of Ohio jobs.

Kasich ran – and continues to run – on a platform of job creation and personal responsibility.  But as Ohio continues to hover near the bottom of the country in job growth, Kasich continues to search for someone else to blame for the crappy job numbers in our state.

If you want to claim responsibility for the good stuff, Mr. Kasich, then you need to take responsibility for the bad stuff as well.

And right now, bad stuff is pretty much all we’re seeing.

  • dmoore2222

    What evidence is there that he was ever a job creator to begin with? All he’s known for, aside from his shady association with Lehman Bros. and his over-the-top Fox News gig, was his wild-eyed budget slashing as a U.S. congressman, hardly something that would qualify one as a job creator. The only job creating I can see from this fool is a the “snow job” that is the JobsOhio political slush fund.

  • “Snow Job”…I LOVE it! Ka-Sick is reported to be V Pres. material….I know, a comment like that spawns nightmares! The people of OHIO need to remember what a nightmare this guy has been, and it seems Gov. Fright Night is casting his sandman dust across state lines. We need to let him run with TED CRUZ and then chase them both out of politics and even the country!

  • Rick Loy

    Rick Loy-Ormet, This Anti-Union Gov Kasich says he’s for bringing jobs to Ohio. Well, i’m proof he does’nt give a darn about jobs, just the under the table dealings that he puts in his pocket!!! How did Ohio ever elect such a dishonest guy. I worked for Ormet Primary Aluminum for 34 1/2 years and this Bum never raised a finger to help save 1000 good paying jobs! He’s a disgrace! Hope he can sleep at night for what he has done to our plant and the entire valley! Just another Dishonest Politician!!!

  • mike

    Rick, There’s a lot of blame to go around on both sides. Our country’s energy policy for one thing does not help large energy users like Ormet.. I don’t like the idea of consumers helping to pay Ormet’s electric bill. Ormet asked for a break on electricity until they could build their own gas fired power plant. The PUCO rejected this plan. With their own power supply we would truly be on their own. Perhaps an agreement could have been worked out where they could repay their debt to Ohio consumers. This is the real unanswered question. Why wasn’t it?

    Is it corporate welfare? Yes, it is.

    But, We are all in this together. If Ormet succeeds then so do it’s employees, whether they pay taxes in Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, and the economy their taxes support.helps pays for our children’s schools, the roads and bridges we drive on and the social welfare programs that many of us need to get through tough times. This petty political bickering I see from the right and the left does not serve the interest of you, myself, our children or our grandchildren. Call me fed up with this crap.

  • mike

    Rick, This comment in the Columbus Dispatch from Samuel Randazzo, attorney for the Industrial Energy User of Ohio raises an issue the State of Ohio needs to address:

    Samuel Randazzo (randazzosc)

    “In 2012, the PUCO authorized AEP-Ohio to significantly increase its electric prices and to collect more revenue through charges that cannot be avoided by switching to an alternative supplier. The PUCO made a choice to bail out and protect AEP-Ohio from the competition that the Ohio General Assembly put in place to benefit consumers. Ormet and every other customer-based organization protested the PUCO’s move and Ormet made it clear that the PUCO’s move would make it very hard for Ormet to survive. The PUCO’s anti-competitive and anti-consumer decisions have been appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court. In the meantime, the consequences have touched Ormet, Ormet’s employees, every other customer of AEP-Ohio and the economy in a large part of Ohio. Perhaps there was noting that could be fairly done to keep Ormet open.

    Perhaps, indeed.

  • Larry Kelly

    Might as well get some political hay out of these unfortunate people losing their jobs and lay it all at the feet of the Govenor. Monroe County has voted for only Democrats. Whole lot of good it’s done for SE Ohio.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Kasich’s main focus is to extract as much money from Ohio as possible, via privatization and fracking, and to promote a corporate-only / anti-worker, anti-union agenda, enabled by religion. He doesn’t care about jobs, women, public education, or the environment.

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