Ed FitzGerald wrapped up his “three-C tour” at the Hamilton County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting, where he announced his candidacy for governor.

After some warm-up parliamentary procedure*, FitzGerald took the stage with his family. He spent a good deal of time attacking Kasich’s record.

I was worried that FitzGerald wouldn’t get to a positive vision for his governorship. He allayed those fears.

A big test for FitzGerald is to take activists who don’t know him and get them more fired up to elect him than they are to unseat Kasich. Last night was a very good start.


* “There’s a motion on the floor to be fired up. Is there a second? The motion carries. Is there a motion to be ready to go?”


  • dmoore2222

    I so move!

  • Red Rover

    Ahh, 3C, the same corridor that could’ve had passenger rail service established, had Kasich not turned down the federal money for it…

  • Retrofuturistic

    How many days till the end of the Kasich administration? It seems SO far away….

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    I have two questions that I really want to know the answers–not snark. Number 1 – Does he really have a chance to win?
    Number 2 – Is he a real Democrat or are we voting for him because he is a lesser evil than Kasich? I’m no purist by any means, but I am tired of voting for so-called Democrats that are little better than what a Republican used to be, just to keep the Republican total crazies out of office. Strickland was a severe disappointment.

  • I’d love to hear why you thought Strickland was a disappointment.

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  • Ramona Hauenstein

    I think Strickland may have done well with the state finances, especially with what he had to work with. But he was no friend to state workers, even though he didn’t outright attack us, ala Kasich. The Dispatch ran his governorship. The saying was, “what would happen if the Dispatch got ahold of this” and try to figure out how the paper could twist it and decisions were made on the least terrible outcome and a lot of decisions were reactions to the Dispatch, not proactive and were unrealistic. Members of his transition team were Republicans in Democrats clothing. Having worked for one of them, I know he was no Democrat, although he may have registed as one.

    If I remember correctly, his team forgot to have one or two agency directors confirmed (Cathy Collins-Taylor was one)and then these people were used as political fodder by Republicans and dragged through the mud.

  • You’re free to have an opinion of Strickland and I sincerely interested in knowing why you feel that way.

    If it’s the mandatory cost-savings days for state employees I will remind you that this was an agreement made between Strickland and the unions and it was intended to help prevent layoffs.

    Strickland worked with the unions to figure out solutions. And every thing he asked state employees to do, he and his staff did as well.

    Kasich, on the other hand, gave his own staff huge raises while trying to destroy collective bargaining rights for all state employees.

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    It’s not the mandatory cost savings days. Although I didn’t like them, I understood. I certainly don’t think he was as bad as Kasich; however he was no friend of public employees, but because he was a Democrat, the union went along. I am not the only state employee (or ex) that was disappointed. One of the major reasons I was disappointed was the Dispatch ran his governorship. He made decisions to placate them. The problem was, they were never going admit anything he did was right. The joke was “what would happen if the Dispatch gets a hold of this”, because that was how decisions were made. Second: to comply with rules to save money he made cost the state more in state employee wages than it ever would save because of the time it took to follow the procedures he set.

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