From the daily archives: Friday, April 26, 2013

Last year’s battle for control of the Ohio Republican Party divided Republicans throughout the state.  Ultimately, Kasich was able to gather enough votes on the Central Committee to oust then-Chairman Kevin DeWine, partially with the support of the Tea Party.  He pissed off quite a few Republicans in the process, and the way he’s chosen to lead the party is likely to anger a heck of a lot more.

While power and control of party resources was clearly the reason for the coup, Kasich supporters gave many other reasons for wanting DeWine out.  The Kasich cheerleaders over at ThirdBasePolitics […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that there are rumblings to put the Medicaid expansion on the ballot as a constitutional amendment.

Yes, please! I’ve been overly optimistic about the GOP going ahead with the Medicaid expansion, mainly because this referendum would be a bigger political disaster for them than SB 5.

I’d say “it’ll be a bloodbath”, but that’s wrong. It’ll be a landslide. The bloodbath would be to deny health care to 350,000 Ohioans, leading to hundreds of preventable deaths every year.

The language will be stronger and surer than anything the GOP passes. To satisfy the sadists in their […]

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