From the daily archives: Sunday, April 7, 2013

In February 2012 the Inspector General Randy Meyer said he was going to release the results of the Coin Gate investigation.

The previous Inspector General  (and now Public Safety Director) Tom Charles refused to release the report, which many believe implicates additional Republicans in the scandal that sent Tom Noe to jail for 18 years.

It’a been months since your promise and we’re still waiting, Mr. Meyer.

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Ohio conservatives are demanding the the Ohio House spend $1 billion in the biennium to deny the Medicaid expansion on the grounds that it increases the federal deficit.  You know what else increases the federal deficit?  Not expanding Medicaid in Ohio.

The federal government will spend around $1.3B annually to expand Medicaid coverage in Ohio.  Without expansion, the there will still be another $0.9B in federal spending, as detailed below.

The proposal, then, is to reduce the federal deficit by $400 million while throwing the Ohio budget $500 million out of balance.

This is a […]

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