From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

With the NFL draft in full throttle the past week end, Gov. Kasich got his man.   Fellow named Matthew Borges (not to be confused with Borgia).  A right guard, I believe, although Republicans in the Dawg Pound will have to go on trust regarding his talent.

He had been touted all along as the governor’s chosen crony to replace the temporary Republican chairman, Bob Bennett, a former chairman himself who came out of the steam room to fill a  vacancy at headquarters after the governor exiled  Kevin
DeWine.  But that’s another story,  which is hardly worth repeating.

The GOP […]

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John Kasich came into office promising to create jobs.  For the first two years, he attempted to fulfill this promise with big handouts to big companies who were making big promises.

One of his first and biggest deals was with Diebold.   In early 2011, Kasich promised the company $100 Million in state and other incentives and all they had to do was promise to build a new headquarters in Ohio and not to layoff more than 20% of their workforce.

Kasich was so proud of the deal he mentioned it proudly in his first State of the State speech, […]

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The federal Department of Health and Human Services has released the final draft of the Obamacare application, and it is a work of nerdy art. It clocks in at 3 pages and requires no additional forms to be submitted. Your SSN and income information are verified with other agencies, so there’s no need to send them the dead tree.

If you earn less than 138% of poverty, this form will also enroll you in Medicaid. Correction: if you earn less than 138% of poverty and don’t live in Ohio, this form will enroll you in Medicaid.


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This morning we reported that State Rep Ron Maag was looking for cosponsors for his public sector right to work bill.

It now looks like State Rep Kristina Roegner is going to introduce a private sector version of the bill.

According to a letter seeking cosponsors, Roegner claims the bill will “prohibit any requirements that employees of private employers join or pay dues to any employee organization.”

The bill will also seem to establish that the policy of “this state is that each employee must be fully free to decide whether to associate, organize, designate a representative, or […]

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Republican State Rep Ron Maag is looking for cosponsors for an anti-union, Right to Work bill he plans to introduce in the Ohio House.

Maag’s “Workplace Freedom” bill will deal only with public sector unions and will “remove any requirement under the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law that public employees join or pay dues to any employee organization and prohibits public employers from requiring public employees to join or pay dues to any employee organization.”

In early 2011, Maag voted for Senate Bill 5, which would have decimated collective bargaining rights for Ohio’s public sector workers.  The bill sparked a huge pro-labor […]

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Acording to State Rep Kathleen Clyde, John Husted has again failed follow state and federal laws regarding voter registration updates, causing extra costs, confusion and possible lost votes for next week’s primary election.

State law requires the Secretary of State to send voter registration data to local election officials within five days of acceptance.   But Husted had been sitting on months of data without transferring it to the local BOEs.

SOS Husted make the same mistake during last year’s Presidential election.

“How could the Secretary of State make this colossal mistake twice?” asked Rep. Clyde.  “Absentee ballots will be rejected because […]

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