From the daily archives: Monday, April 8, 2013

John Kasich signed his transportation budget last week and, despite a lot of bluster and rhetoric, it does nothing to solve funding long-term funding problems with Ohio’s transportation infrastructure.

Instead, Kasich kicks the can down the road while burdening the Ohio Turnpike with $1.5 Billion is new debt to pay for short-term ODOT transportation projects and then raising turnpike tolls on truckers to pay off the debt over the long-term.

When the bond money runs out in a few years, ODOT’s funding problems will return and the turnpike will be stuck with billions in debt.

Team Kasich took to Twitter to […]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently sent a letter to HHS SecretaryKathleen Sebelius urging her and the Obama administration to restrict access to contraception for Ohio’s women by allowing any employer to opt out of paying for contraceptive coverage.   The action helps secure DeWine’s already disturbing anti-women reputation, and the failed legal logic used to support his position adds to the long list of mistakes DeWine has made regarding the law since taking over as AG.

Today David Pepper, DeWine’s likely opponent for Attorney General in 2014, slammed DeWine for his legal mistakes and his attempt to […]

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