From the daily archives: Monday, April 15, 2013

In September we contacted the Ohio State Highway Patrol and requested copies of investigations into threats against the governor. We wanted to see how many actual threats had been made against Kasich and if these threats coincided with schedule records the Governor’s office was refusing to release over “security” concerns.

Our request was forwarded to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, who proceeded to deny the request claiming the documents constituted “security records” which could not be released “out of concern for the safety of public officials, their families and those with whom they work.”

After multiple revised requests, and […]

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In a unilateral disarmament of his best campaign issue, Gov. Kasich seems to have given up entirely on his Medicaid program.

If Kasich really wanted to expand Medicaid, he would give a press conference saying:  “I will veto any budget bill that doesn’t cut income taxes by 10% and expand health coverage to the working poor.”

That would put him in a very strong position moving into 2014.  By protecting his income tax cut, he would outflank the House on the right; by expanding Medicaid, he would take away a slam dunk issue for the Democrats.

Instead, […]

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The following post was written by long-time Plunderbund reader Jor Dough.  Enjoy…


In the next few days millions of Americans will once again join the ranks of taxpayers who file and often pay federal income taxes.  Some of us have our taxes withheld by our employers and in doing so we often overpay and the government ends up refunding our over payments when we file our annual returns.

The Republicans in Ohio have a much different attitude and practice when it comes to taxation and taxpayers.  In a recent story, the Columbus Dispatch pointed out the overwhelming support that Ohio’s GOP politicians […]

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