From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Ohio House GOP has released their budget, and it’s a doozy. They defund Planned Parenthood, set up the “Parenting and Pregnancy Program” (I’m going to assume this is funding for crisis pregnancy centers), and cut the Medicaid expansion against the wishes of more than 3/4 of the House.

Speaker Batchelder says that there are too many questions about Medicaid to go forward, so he’s denying health care to 350,000 Ohioans.

That’s so ludicrous that the Speaker should resign immediately. Obamacare was passed before the GOP controlled the Ohio House of Representatives. He has had 3 years to seek […]

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House Republicans released their revised budget bill this afternoon and it effectively changes or eliminates most of Kasich’s major budget priorities.

Medicaid Expansion is out. Severance Tax and everything else related to Oil and Gas is out. Sales Tax Expansion is out. Income Tax cut is down to 7% and it’s being paid for with money from JobsOhio and revenue growth. School Funding has been reworked to increase per-pupil funding to $5732. The parent trigger is out but the voucher expansion is in. Internet retailers will now need to collect sales taxes “Religious” employers get an exemption from civil rights laws […]

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Kasich, GOP Schemes Victimize Northern, Eastern and Especially Northeast Ohio

By Murrowmaven


Northern Ohio and eastern Ohio are being harmed by the hypocritical policies of Gov. Kasich and the Republican legislature, and northeast Ohio is being hit with a double-whammy.

First, let’s look at the Ohio Turnpike, the lifeblood transportation route through northern Ohio. Ohio taxpayers originally were promised that the superhighway eventually would become toll-free after the initial bonds were repaid by tolls. That was delayed when new bonds were issued to widen and modernize the turnpike.

Now the Republican majorities in the Ohio House and Senate voted […]

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The weekend brought troubling reports that the Ohio House is going to introduce their own version of the Medicaid expansion, and last night the Dispatch reported that they were dropping it altogether (despite having 40 GOP votes in favor).

The leaks to the Dispatch and Plain Dealer (nothing in the Enquirer, natch) are the most troubling aspect, though, because Obamacare already does the things the GOP wants to do.

Barbara Sears reportedly wants to use the Medicaid funds to purchase private coverage for qualified individuals.  Yes, let’s do that!  And let’s call it “managed care”.

Does Rep. Sears really not […]

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