From the daily archives: Monday, April 1, 2013

Thanks to the Sun News, the Cleveland weekly, we recently got a glimpse of Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci in action at a Town Hall meeting in Fairview Park.  The dominant topic was guns, largely because a  group of pickets showed up to protest his standardized Republican opposition to gun control.

As you know, the multimillionaire  businessman (reported by Roll Call to be $35.8 million!)  is comfortably operating out of the  new Ohio 16th congressional district created just for him in northern Ohio.

Still, Renacci, now in his second term,  is taking no chances;  he’s not  slipping out of the right-wing mask […]

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This is a graph of voter turnout in every gubernatorial election since 1966.  Red bars are GOP wins, blue bars are Dem wins.  At first glance, none of these patterns hold up in presidential elections.

And here’s the turnout percentage since 1978.  I’m going to speculate that Motor Voter is responsible for the percentage drop in 1995.

Democrats win high turnout gubernatorial elections.  The only exceptions to this pattern are 1986 (low turnout to reelect Dick Celeste) and 1990 (high turnout to elect Voinovich to the open seat).  There are a lot of possible explanations for these […]

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