From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has joined with some other Republican Attorneys General to urge an exception to the requirement in Obamacare that business provide contraceptive coverage for employees.

The most notable thing about DeWine’s letter is that it does NOT suggest that the Obamacare provisions that require contraception coverage are unconstitutional.   This is because the Supreme Court has held that although the government have the ability to accommodate otherwise illegal acts done in pursuit of religious beliefs, it is not required to do so.  The case is Employment Division v. Smith.  You probably heard about it in civics […]

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Why would a retiree organization care about the state budget?
by Bentley Davis

The Alliance for Retired Americans in Ohio is a membership organization made up of about a quarter of a million retirees in Ohio.  And we are very concerned about Kasich’s proposed budget.  Why?

Well, most retirees are on fixed incomes.  They get their Social Security checks, and if they are lucky, pension checks.  For the most part, retirees spend whatever comes in each month.  They aren’t socking money away for future savings – they’re retired.  And they are the ones who will be the most hurt […]

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