From the daily archives: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ed FitzGerald wrapped up his “three-C tour” at the Hamilton County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting, where he announced his candidacy for governor.

After some warm-up parliamentary procedure*, FitzGerald took the stage with his family. He spent a good deal of time attacking Kasich’s record.

I was worried that FitzGerald wouldn’t get to a positive vision for his governorship. He allayed those fears.

A big test for FitzGerald is to take activists who don’t know him and get them more fired up to elect him than they are to unseat Kasich. Last night was a very good start.


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Teachers in Strongsville, Ohio have been on strike for over seven weeks now, facing down a school board that seems more focused on breaking the union than on getting teachers back in the classroom.   According to the Strongsville Education Association (SEA), the group representing the teachers, the Strongsville School Board is also refusing to accept arbitration.

On April 2nd, SEA made an offer for binding interest arbitration that would have immediately reunited teachers with their students.  The board has so far refused to accept the offer, instead complaining that arbitration would put taxpayer dollars in the hands of an “outsider”.