From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Republicans are always looking for new and creative ways to keep Ohio’s college students from voting.  Last year True the Vote tried to intimidate hundreds of students simply because they tend to vote for Democrats.  This year, Republican legislators have decided to use the budget bill to intimidate universities into keeping their students away from the polls.

The substitute budget bill introduced by House Republicans yesterday (Sub. H. B. No. 59)  contains an unbelievable change to Ohio law that make it increasingly difficult for Ohio’s students living on campus to prove they are residents […]

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Imagine a society in which a teacher is on trial for corrupting the youth of the community by teaching them about the existence of contraception to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Imagine being sixteen years old, being hauled in front of a judge, maybe even a jury, and having attorneys ask you personal, private questions about which specific sexual acts you have or have not engaged in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, under oath, while a court reporter feverishly takes down your testimony.  All while your parents sit at one table, listening to every sordid detail, and representatives from your school sit […]

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