From the daily archives: Thursday, April 4, 2013

When John Kasich came into office in 2011, he immediately scrapped Governor Strickland’s “evidence based” school funding plan.  Kasich promised his own plan in a few months.

Two years later, Kasich finally revealed his plan to a room full of school superintendents, who were initially impressed.  Kasich promised poor districts would be getting more money under his plan.

But just as we predicted, the whole thing was a lie.   Per pupil funding dropped, the majority of poor districts saw no increases in state funding after seeing massive cuts in the last budget, and poorly performing charters got a bump […]

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We’re honestly not sure if Attorney General Mike DeWine has a problem understanding the law or if he simply chooses to ignore it in favor of expediency and political and religious fervor.

Either way, it’s scary knowing Ohio’s top attorney is so often wrong when it comes to interpreting the law.

Yesterday we wrote about DeWine’s anti-contraception letter and how the legal foundation for his argument holds little water.    This follows on the heals of the contraception-related lawsuit DeWine joined last year which also faces serious constitutional issues.

These are just two in a long line of […]

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