From the daily archives: Thursday, April 18, 2013

The relentless assault on reproductive health care
by Gary Dougherty

Almost exactly one year ago, I was invited to write a Plunderbund guest post related to the proliferation of anti-choice legislation, particularly the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood.  I re-read that post recently and couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that we are still embroiled in an assault on reproductive health care rights – only, believe it or not, it has gotten worse.

Whereas the pace of this session has not matched that of last session (when seven anti-choice bills had already been introduced and the […]

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Nearly a century ago Walter Lippmann, the wise and widely respected political analyst and essayist, wrote of the perils of meaningless gibberish in defining human discourse. He came down hard on are the media of his day, but his dark message had a much longer reach.

In his essay “Liberty and the News,” he wrote;

“It is almost impossible to overestimate the confusion in daily life caused by sheer inability to use language with intention. We talk scornfully of  ‘mere words’.   Yet through words the whole vast process of human communication takes place. The sights and sounds and meanings of […]

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On Tuesday Ohio House Republicans introduced a substitute budget bill that included a provision specifically aimed at allowing a state takeover of the Columbus City Schools.   The amendment, HC1622-1, “Allows the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create an academic distress commission for any district found by the State Auditor to have knowingly manipulated student data with the intent to deceive.”

Steve Dyer describes it this way:

So let me get this straight. If you manipulated data, you will be assumed to have been in Academic Emergency (an F on the state report card) for several years. And as punishment, we’re going […]

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