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Kasich Decides To Push Up Ohio Image

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Stopped by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today.  No, not as a voyeur, for heaven’s sake.  Rather,  I was curious about Gov. Kasich’s Ohio Miracle 2 to make Ohio sexier to the world.

Sexier not my word.  It appeared in newspaper headlines, as in Sexier image sought for Ohio,  so it must be true.  As sort of a pun, it drew from the announcement that Gov. Kasich  had engaged his friend,  billionaire Les Wexner, whose retail empire includes Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, to make the two “O’s”  in Ohio stand for…um… Oomph!

Not that it isn’t needed.  Except for […]

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In a year-end appearance hosted by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Republican State Senate President Keith Faber and Governor John Kasich continued to blame Washington for Ohio’s unfortunate economic condition.   According to Karen Kasler, Faber told the group that he blamed the “dysfunction in DC for a lot of Ohio’s bad economic headlines”; a rather hilarious statement considering the U.S. economy continues to show strong improvement, while Ohio continues to fall behind.

A report released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that Ohio continued to fall behind the other states in November.


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