From the daily archives: Saturday, December 14, 2013

Former OSU football coach Jim Tressel moved deeply into the red zone last week when the University of Akron board of trustees awarded him a new title: executive vice president. It is his third title since his arrival in 2011 as vice president of strategic engagement and later as the veep for student success.

The board’s action spurred further speculation that his next title will put him in the end zone: president.

Not all of the speculation has met with bravissimos in some faculty quarters, where there are untidy questions about his lack of the doctorate so prized in academe […]

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If you’re a parent with a child in third grade this year, then you are probably aware of Ohio’s new Third Grade Reading Guarantee law that puts added pressure on your son or daughter to score (nearly) proficient or greater on the state’s reading achievement test or else they will end up in summer school and most likely be retained.  A week ago, we wrote about how the total number of students expected to be retained this year is in the neighborhood of 19,000 statewide.

The new law was written in such […]

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