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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has known William Schenck for decades.   Which may explain why DeWine has chosen not to suspend or fire Schenck from his job at the AG’s office after his December 2nd DUI arrest.

Schenk worked with DeWine in the Greene County Prosecutors Office.   They worked in private practice together at the firm DeWine, Schenck and Rose.   When DeWine served in the senate, Bill’s wife managed DeWine’s state office.   In the Senate, DeWine nominated Schenk for job at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

So, when DeWine came into the Attorney General’s office, he […]

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Donald Trump, the modern wannabe gold standard for inquiries into birthplaces, reportedly was distressed to learn that Santa Claus was born in Turkey. With a Dutch name. With a sack loaded with entitlements. Right. For a birther with Trump’s credentials, it left him no choice but to demand that Santa be fired.

Of all places, Turkey, which tilts toward secularism with its renowned Grand Bazaar in Istanbul that can be shopper-crazy on most days. Still Santa arrived through the auspices of Saint Nicholas, the 4th Century Christian icon who gave away a lot of stuff. (I’m not sure how Santa […]

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Kasich in 2016. Really?

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Kasich in 2016. Really?
by Thomas Givens

I know a guy who works in state government. He got the job because he was very active in GOP politics. We were talking recently and he said, John Kasich was going to be the next President of the United States. He said this with a straight face and a gleam in his eye you only see in true believers. The Manson Family had that look as did the followers of Jim Jones.

I was speechless for a moment and said “Really?” He said John would be the best candidate fielded in years. […]

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