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A Rambling Christmas List

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It’s that time of year. Lists abound. Best of. Worst of. Funniest. Saddest. Who we’ve lost. Then there’s the old Christmas Wish List. An old chestnut, not the roasted kind. Here’s mine in no particular order other than how they fell out of my tangled, dark mind.

1)      World Peace.  Trite, I know.  However that doesn’t lessen it as a goal and wish.

2)      Equal means equal. A basic concept that escapes so many of us. Gender, orientation, gender identity, race, creed or anything else. All people deserve the respect to have the same rights as anyone else. They are […]

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A columnist for the Orange County (Ca.) Register has plunged into the annual December  best-worst mix by listing 2013’s ten most annoying celebrities.  Although the idea was  a modest diversion to relieve the holiday stress, Barry Koltnow lost me in his top 10 selections because nine were Kardashians, a name I haven’t yet been able to associate with  any life forms.   Kardashian is more of brand name, don’t you think?

Miley Cyrus (sp.) topped the list.  I should admit that it took me weeks to discover it   was a girl’s name.   As you can see, I’ve been away […]

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