From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This weekend we posted about Ohio’s largest charter school, ECOT, being recommended to receive a “bonus” check of $2.9 million that would be quickly rerouted into ECOT owner William Lager’s other private businesses.  This is not the first raise that ECOT has received this year.  Through the Kasich budget passed this summer, ECOT received the largest increase in state funding for any charter school in Ohio at $4.8 million.  This far surpassed the second largest increase of $1.35 million given to Ohio Virtual Academy.

It’s good to buy friends in high places…

Since 2004, Lager, the […]

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Despite concerns from OSU’s chief investment officer and others, Former OSU President E. Gordon Gee forced through a $50 Million investment with former head of JobsOhio Mark Kvamme on behalf of the university.   Gee and Kvamme are friends and have worked together on multiple projects in the Kasich administration.

ProgressOhio released documents on Monday revealing that Kvamme and his partner at Drive Capital could make “approximately $4.5 million a year in management fees, plus 20% to 30% of any profits their investments make” for the Ohio State University.

The Dispatch’s original story on the topic was titled:

“Kvamme Could […]

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The fact that the American Legislative Exchange Council has disbanded its anti-voting-access task force will not dissuade Ohio Republicans who insist on assaulting the franchise.

ALEC, the Koch Brother-funded “model legislation” hook-up apparatus for conservative state legislators and multinational corporations—think MeetMe for plutocrats and their sycophants—scaled back their work on non-economic issues following the Trayvon Martin controversy.

ALEC, by the way, would prefer their model legislation not be referred to as such so much, as it counts itself among those “charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit” organizations that should not have to pay taxes for Full Story...