Despite concerns from OSU’s chief investment officer and others, Former OSU President E. Gordon Gee forced through a $50 Million investment with former head of JobsOhio Mark Kvamme on behalf of the university.   Gee and Kvamme are friends and have worked together on multiple projects in the Kasich administration.

ProgressOhio released documents on Monday revealing that Kvamme and his partner at Drive Capital could make “approximately $4.5 million a year in management fees, plus 20% to 30% of any profits their investments make” for the Ohio State University.

The Dispatch’s original story on the topic was titled:

“Kvamme Could Make 9 Million From Ohio State Deal“.

Good title.   I’d click through to read that story.

Then… later in the day (7:41PM), the title changed to:

“Documents put focus on Ohio State’s investment”.

Pretty boring and bland, eh?   They might as well have titled it:  “Don’t waste your time with this article” or “hey! The link to the sports stories is right up at the top there!”

If I had to make a guess, I’d say someone at the Dispatch got a nasty call from the Governor’s office around 7:30PM yesterday, someone who was none-too-happy about the paper making a fuss over Kasich’s pal Kvamme earning millions from the connections he made while working at JobsOhio.

Here’s a screen shot of the story yesterday evening.



At 4:21AM today the title was again changed to “Documents spark conflict about Ohio State deal with Kvamme”. Slightly better than the second headline, I suppose.

Feel free to check out the article for yourself to see if it’s changed again…