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I’m an unmarried man in the state of Ohio.  Regardless of my religious beliefs or affiliation, if I want to get married, I have no choice but to rely on the government to make it happen.  In Ohio, as in most states, marriage is a designation granted by the government after paying the appropriate amount of money, NOT a religious arrangement.

If marriage was ever considered a partnership between one man and one woman and the Church had control over such an arrangement, then I would simply find a woman (with her consent), walk into a church, find a priest, […]

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When Tim Hagan was campaigning  for governor against Bob Taft he often took note of Ohio’s low standing in so many areas  by telling people, “Thank God for Mississippi, ” which still ranked below Ohio.  Today, with so much poor economic news in the Buckeye State, reports from Mississippi have flipped the comparison.   Their folks now exclaim: “Thank God for Ohio!”.

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Under The Radar

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Issue 2:
No- 63.7%

At first glance you may think these are the totals from the 2011 SB5/Issue 2 Union attack waged by Governor Kasich (R-OH) and his Tea Party infused Legislature. It’s not. This is the Election Results from 11/04/1958 concerning a failed “Right To Work” ballot measure in Ohio. 1958.

Ohio was a manufacturing powerhouse. A highly unionized workforce drove the advancement of the Middle Class. Good wages, a fair progressive tax system and a world envied infrastructure renewal.

A Republican President presided over a booming economy with a top tax rate over 90%. He […]

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