Stopped by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today.  No, not as a voyeur, for heaven’s sake.  Rather,  I was curious about Gov. Kasich’s Ohio Miracle 2 to make Ohio sexier to the world.

Sexier not my word.  It appeared in newspaper headlines, as in Sexier image sought for Ohio,  so it must be true.  As sort of a pun, it drew from the announcement that Gov. Kasich  had engaged his friend,  billionaire Les Wexner, whose retail empire includes Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, to make the two “O’s”  in Ohio stand for…um… Oomph!

Not that it isn’t needed.  Except for the governor’s publicists intent on energizing his re -election campaign, the news from Ohio has been pretty drab – and getting worse. Where else to turn than to Wexner, whom the governor rightly describes as a “brilliant marketer, ” and the hundreds of Victoria’s Secret stores that feature, amid other pruriant underwear, push-up bras?

(A radio host once reported that he visited a Victoria’s Secret store  to satisfy his curiosity but could only report there were very few secrets stashed in the fetching merchandise.)

The new marketing plan also is a natural for the Kasich Administration, known for its secrecy long before any of the Statehouse females came to work in push-ups.

That could change big-time,  economically at least, for a state that has slumped into a  flat-chested image.  As John Boehner recently responded to a reporter’s question, “We’ll see.”

Meantime, we eagerly await the posting of the governor’s fully clothed  picture in all of the Wexner stores. It wasn’t there today. But I must confess that my visit  wasn’t totally wasted.

  • Retrofuturistic

    I don’t know how anyone could jazz up a state that’s totally controlled by the Tea Party. We have horrible property taxes, a lack of jobs, sub-standard schools, lots of pollution, questionable “elections”, a War on Women, guns everywhere, media monopolies, we’re being fracked, and the only “industries” left in the state are megachurches and casinos. Good luck with making that appealing.

  • dmoore2222

    Excellent.That about says it all. Who on earth would willingly come here? To boot, our genius governor turned away almost a half billion dollars in federal funds, that Ohio taxpayers contributed to by the way, for high speed rail that was quickly grabbed up by two other states. That project would have created thousands of REAL jobs and would have signaled that Ohio is serious about moving forward. Now all we’ll get are more slogans and attempts to revitalize places like Cedar Point and Kings Island, notably low-paying employers. Of course they could promote the Ohio Legislature as the greatest clown show on earth. Grab your guns and bibles and head for Capitol Square! Kasich is dinosaur and no number of Les Wexners will change that.

  • Think.

    Ohio is also controlled by the American Legislative Exchange Council, which originally created the Tea Party to trick the common man into fighting for unrestricted profits for corporations. ALEC has since lost control of the monster it created, and our only hope is that they’ll destroy each other at the polls.

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