Stopped by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today.  No, not as a voyeur, for heaven’s sake.  Rather,  I was curious about Gov. Kasich’s Ohio Miracle 2 to make Ohio sexier to the world.

Sexier not my word.  It appeared in newspaper headlines, as in Sexier image sought for Ohio,  so it must be true.  As sort of a pun, it drew from the announcement that Gov. Kasich  had engaged his friend,  billionaire Les Wexner, whose retail empire includes Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, to make the two “O’s”  in Ohio stand for…um… Oomph!

Not that it isn’t needed.  Except for the governor’s publicists intent on energizing his re -election campaign, the news from Ohio has been pretty drab – and getting worse. Where else to turn than to Wexner, whom the governor rightly describes as a “brilliant marketer, ” and the hundreds of Victoria’s Secret stores that feature, amid other pruriant underwear, push-up bras?

(A radio host once reported that he visited a Victoria’s Secret store  to satisfy his curiosity but could only report there were very few secrets stashed in the fetching merchandise.)

The new marketing plan also is a natural for the Kasich Administration, known for its secrecy long before any of the Statehouse females came to work in push-ups.

That could change big-time,  economically at least, for a state that has slumped into a  flat-chested image.  As John Boehner recently responded to a reporter’s question, “We’ll see.”

Meantime, we eagerly await the posting of the governor’s fully clothed  picture in all of the Wexner stores. It wasn’t there today. But I must confess that my visit  wasn’t totally wasted.