In a year-end appearance hosted by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Republican State Senate President Keith Faber and Governor John Kasich continued to blame Washington for Ohio’s unfortunate economic condition.   According to Karen Kasler, Faber told the group that he blamed the “dysfunction in DC for a lot of Ohio’s bad economic headlines”; a rather hilarious statement considering the U.S. economy continues to show strong improvement, while Ohio continues to fall behind.

A report released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that Ohio continued to fall behind the other states in November.

While the national jobless rate for last month fell to 7.0%, Ohio continued to soar about the national average at 7.4%.

And all those jobs Kasich promised to create by privatizing Ohio’s business development activities under JobsOhio, and giving billions of state dollars to the secret, non-transparent, unaccountable organization?

Last month Ohio lost 12,000 jobs.  The most of any state in the country.

Kasich and Faber had no problem taking credit for a few good economic headlines in our state.  Kasich even made up a catchy slogan last year: “The Ohio Miracle”.   He traveled the county and the world telling people that he had single handedly saved Ohio’s economy.

But as the national economy improves, and our state continues to bleed jobs, the state of Ohio’s economy is suddenly someone else’s fault?

Give me break.