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So John McCain’s new “Truth Squad” has a swiftboater on board. Nice. I wonder why Bud Day doesn’t demand that John McCain sign an SF-180 and release his military records. I’m sure that was his opinion of John Kerry back when his non-swiftboat ass was smearing the presidential candidate all over with his ads.

Also, if the McCain camp is so concerned about someone questioning the military record of a veteran and supposed wartime hero, then why are they openly associating with someone who did this very thing to John Kerry?

Because to Republicans, hypocrisy knows […]

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Auto-replace is no friend to wingnut christofascists i guess. This one is hilarious:

In addition to blocking traffic from websites they don’t like, it looks like the web-geniuses behind the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site have a few other tricks up their sleeves, such as automatically replacing any use of the word “gay” with the word “homosexual” in any of the AP stories they run … leading to instances in which proper names are reformatted to meet their ridiculous standard, such as this article about sprinter Tyson Gay winning the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field […]

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John McCain is a supposed “straight talker”. He even has a “Straight Talk Express” (bus and plane). When it comes to his military record, he’s neither straight talker or straight shooter it seems. The questions that his campaign doesn’t want to answer, let alone be asked, could easily be dismissed.

All it would take is for the Senator to sign Standard Form 180. I will provide a link below to this form in blank format so the campaign can easily find it upon reading this post.

Standard Form 180 (372 KB pdf)

Everyone on the right should […]

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What a fucking laughingstock. How McCain garners any foreign policy cred is well beyond me:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Militants killed more U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in June than in Iraq for the second straight month, a grim milestone capping a run of headline-grabbing insurgent attacks that analysts say underscore the Taliban’s growing strength.

Nice work fellas. Keep up the good work. Maybe send Browny over!

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On June 30, 2008 By

Read this first (sorry, but you have to)

Then view this:

Also seen on Blogger Interrupted

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It turns out Paul Begala actually has some balls.

First he writes the following about the Republican President’s Dinner in a fundraising email sent out by the DCCC:

“You should have seen the joint: wall to wall fat-cats. The limos were lined up around the block. If you’d stood in the middle of the ballroom and yelled, ‘Hey dirtbag!’ a thousand necks would have snapped around.”

Dirtbag. Great word. And a spot-on description. But it gets better…

After being attacked for calling Republicans dirtbags by Ken Spain, spokesman for the NRCC, Begala follows up with this gem:


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This can kiss my ass.

Because of this:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama talked by phone Monday morning, the Obama campaign and a Clinton spokesman said.

Clinton said he is prepared to campaign for Obama after the hard-fought primary campaign between Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Obama campaign said.

Obama “had a terrific conversation with President Clinton and is honored to have his support in this campaign,” said campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

Clinton “renewed his offer to do whatever he can to ensure Sen. Obama is our next president,” said Matt McKenna, communications […]

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Obama “Dignity” Ad

On June 30, 2008 By

Airing in eighteen states, “Dignity” highlights Senator Obama’s decision to bypass big money jobs and help lift neighborhoods stung by job loss. The ad illustrates Senator Obama’s record of working hard to move people from welfare to work, passing tax cuts for workers and providing healthcare for children.

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DCCC’s New Anti-Schmidt Ad

On June 30, 2008 By

The DCCC’s doing a big ($100K+) ad buy trying to link 13 incumbent Republicans to high gas prices.

And they’ve hired a Bush impersonator for the job.

Here’s the Schmidt ad:


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Update 2: Full speech:

Update: Full speech video coming. Text can be found here.

Watch it live now:My guess is it’s not all about serving in the military…

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When are the smear merchants gonna learn that we are going to be doing more than just blogging righteous indignation this time around? We’re going to hold them accountable this time and fight back. How? By posting their emails, phone numbers, addresses and asking them to back up their lies and their smears in public. In the light of day. Not in anonymity online or in news reports.

Tim’s at it again. This time using a Washington Post story as a jumping off point:

The nice thing about Findlay, Ohio, is that it is the most Republican place […]

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