John McCain is a supposed “straight talker”. He even has a “Straight Talk Express” (bus and plane). When it comes to his military record, he’s neither straight talker or straight shooter it seems. The questions that his campaign doesn’t want to answer, let alone be asked, could easily be dismissed.

All it would take is for the Senator to sign Standard Form 180. I will provide a link below to this form in blank format so the campaign can easily find it upon reading this post.

Standard Form 180 (372 KB pdf)

Everyone on the right should be familiar with this form. It’s the one they bombarded John Kerry with requests to sign so they could dig into his military record. It was important back in 2005, I figure it just as important now. Or am I missing a rule of engagement here?

Hell, we may as well put up a clock to count the days, hours, and minutes until he signs. Just like they did. 😉

I trust those on the right will follow me in my quest given their penchant to do so in 2004 and 2005.

Like both Barack Obama and Wesley Clark, we think you served your country honorably. But like John Kerry in 2004, we’d really rather you prove it. Thanks very much.

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