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It took 700 pages? Really??

File this under Duh!

DENVER (AP) — A nearly 700-page study released Sunday by the Army found that “in the euphoria of early 2003,” U.S.-based commanders prematurely believed their goals in Iraq had been reached and did not send enough troops to handle the occupation.

President George W. Bush’s statement on May 1, 2003, that major combat operations were over reinforced that view, the study said.

If you fancy the full 700 pages, go for it:

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There. Wes Clark Said It!

On June 29, 2008 By

Someone was bound to. Wes Clark was the one:

“I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn’t held executive responsibility,” said Clark, a former NATO commander who campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.

“He hasn’t been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn’t seen what it’s like when diplomats come in and say, I don’t know whether […]

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Recently while speaking near my hometown in Louisville, Kentucky Senator McCain said:

“And I know this country, which I love more than almost anything…

What, Senator? What do you love more than your country? Why almost? Is this the first time you’ve felt this way?

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I grew up in the Cleveland area- so I kind of took lightning bugs (aka fireflies) for granted.

The glowing-ass of these insects was just another part of summertime fun like the ice cream man and the trucks that went around spraying poison in the air to kill mosquitoes.

But then I spent a lot of time living out west and overseas where, in case you didn’t already know, they don’t have nocturnal, glowy-assed insects.

There are a lot of things I missed about living in Ohio- but I never would have included lightning bugs in that list until tonight.


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The Right to “Bare” Arms

On June 28, 2008 By

Funny misspelling on CNN…

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Nothing follows

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PodCamp Ohio Today!

On June 28, 2008 By

Update 2: PodCamp Ohio podcasts are here:

Update: I’m here! Pretty lively bunch all eating lunch. Listening to Mike Genovese who is currently providing musical accompaniment to my Wendy’s single with cheese. He’s really pretty good. Jamming on a wired acoustical. If you want to follow my thoughts and photos, head over to Brightkite:

(BK updates will also flow to Twitter as well)

Planning on heading down to Podcamp Ohio today for a bit. Can’t make the entire thing, but should be able to pop in for a few sessions. If you are […]

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Rob Portman Back at OMB?

On June 27, 2008 By

Actually no. No he’s not.

But you’d think so if you visited certain pages at

I just came across this page that still says Rob Portman is director of OMB even though he was replaced by Jim Nussle over a year ago…

Not surprising though. The Bush team never did get teh Internets.

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The Neo-Con nightmare is about over. The latest evidence is how it has damaged the GOP brand to the point that the NRCC is advising candidates to try to avoid looking Republican in order to stave off massive losses set to come driven by Obama coat tails.

A new playbook for House Republicans urges them to run essentially as independents, showing empathy for voters, emphasizing local issues and ignoring many traditional party campaign practices.

The evidence is also mounting that we, as Progressives, have already won. The tide is turning. It’s up to us and our electeds […]

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Joe Lieberman is a Dick

On June 27, 2008 By

Dickipedia is pretty fucking hilarious. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to read the entries for The Pilgrims and Lance Armstrong.

One of the latest entries is for our favorite dick Joe Lieberman

Joseph Isadore “Joe” Lieberman (born February 24, 1942) is a former Democratic candidate for Vice President, an Independent Senator from Connecticut, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, and a dick.

Lieberman’s strongest dick quality is his propensity to betray those who have been loyal to him. Whether it’s trading in his kind-of-Jewish first wife Betty for his super-Jewish second […]

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