When are the smear merchants gonna learn that we are going to be doing more than just blogging righteous indignation this time around? We’re going to hold them accountable this time and fight back. How? By posting their emails, phone numbers, addresses and asking them to back up their lies and their smears in public. In the light of day. Not in anonymity online or in news reports.

Tim’s at it again. This time using a Washington Post story as a jumping off point:

The nice thing about Findlay, Ohio, is that it is the most Republican place in Ohio, which means it’s irrelevant. But, there are smearers there. And that makes it relevant to me.

The Washington Post visited Findlay, and found this out.

College Street in Findlay is sounding like a wingnut haven. Our latest two subjects are Don LeMaster and Leroy Pollard. Both misinformed Obama bashers from our own Findlay, Ohio. Tim gives us the full run down. I might just have to call them both tomorrow and correct them on their misinformed rantings to WaPo.

So again, it’s

Don LeMaster
(419) 422-8216
Findlay, OH 45840


Leroy Pollard
(419) 425-9947
Findlay, OH 45840

Listen. If you don’t want to be called out or have your email or other information put on the Internet, my suggestion to you would be to deal in facts and become better educated about the issues that matter in this election. It’s really that simple.

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