From the daily archives: Monday, June 23, 2008

(lifted from comments on this post and Dave at PO’s post)

Over under on how long it will take the Starfleet Commander (Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion) to post his outrage at how the NRSC is attempting to set up an Imperial Presidency in the name of the Republican Party?

Give me eternity and I’ll take the over.

Another piece of wingnut faux outrage duly dismissed. Have a nice day.

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The twits over at the weekly standard blog are trying to imply that, by using a logo containing an eagle, Barack Obama has somehow broken the law because his logo is too similiar to the Presidential Seal.

According to their skewed interpretation of , the Obama

Here’s the seal and logo in question…

Personally, I think this is a great case for the attorney general to pursue. But, to be fair, he is going to have to go after all of the previous law breakers first.

To give him a hand, I’ve compiled a list of […]

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I just got emailed an article from my bffs over at the Buckeye Institute.

Funny thing- the article actually provides one of the best arguments I’ve heard yet for convincing fiscal conservatives that their socially conservative pals are absolutely wrong on the issue of abortion rights in the US.

Not just that- but the information in the article actually seems to support government subsidies for abortion.

The article, written by Jennifer Roback Morse (aka ‘Your Coach for the Culture Wars’), reviews the findings of a report published by the Institute for American Values called “The Taxpayer Costs […]

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Thanks to Pho for pointing me to this.

“…fuck is the root form. Motherfucker being derivative”

Rest in peace, George. You’ll be glad to know you can say fuck AND motherfucker on blogs. I vow to do so in your honor from this day forward. You brilliant motherfucker you!

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Black Tokyo broke this one and it has now garnered international press. A cell phone ad by E Mobile depicts a monkey in a suit deploring a crowd holding “Change” signs. BT says:

Am I crazy to think that the monkey is supposed to represent Barack Obama? Given the track record for companies in Japan that use monkeys and blacks or monkeys as blacks in advertisements…maybe not!

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