From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oil Rig as Bush Monument

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via tweet by dewitz, who twits a tweet from Nat Irons:

Oil drilling rigs offshore of Florida (and only Florida) would be sort of a perfect monument to the Bush administration.

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Is there a full moon or some shit? I officially dub this Total Blog Hilarity Day. First the former GOP candidate arrested for preaching loudly thing, then the racist bitch comment thread and now this. Larry Sinclair, who we told you about back in January, had his presser at the National Press Club.

Boy did he.

Huffington Post has the scoop:

It is not often that a political reporter can claim to have witnessed the single most stupefying event on any single day, what with the diversity of inanity on display from coast to coast […]

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Total Hilarity Alert

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Just a quick note. There is total hilarity in a comment thread here at PB. Absolute. Total. Hilarity.

Start here.

Note to future racists: I don’t fuck around.

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Cuba travel ban exemption

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With the US winning 8-0 in the first leg against Barbados last weekend in their World Cup qualification opener, and Cuba winning their first leg 4-3 against Antigua & Barbuda, it’s appearing extremely likely that the US will be in the same qualification group as Cuba in the next round of qualifying.

This means the United States will play a match in Cuba.

The current travel ban means US fans will be unable to support the team – and unable to spread goodwill.

Please consider writing Voinovich and Brown to encourage them to issue an exemption to […]

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Obama in a landslide?

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While this is all real early “horse-race” stuff, following up on Joseph’s post about Quinnipiac polling, this is what the current electoral map looks like.

While it’s not exactly Reagan – Mondale ’84 level stuff, it’s a pretty darn solid win at 349 electoral votes.

But again – its early. A lot could change.

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Big surprise: Matt Naugle is not a fan of women’s suffrage.

And why would he be?

As he points out in a post this morning, not only have women voters helped elect Democratic Presidents they also support evil, big government programs like Medicare, Social Security and – gasp – Education!

Another big surprise: Matt reads John Lott – the economist who publishes non-peer-reviewed papers to support his ridiculous conservative views.

Views like affirmative action increases crime rates, abortion increases crime rates and increased gun ownership lowers crime rates.

Oh- and don’t forget that women’s sufferage is the primary […]

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Hard to tell if this is for real or not. Domain is registered via proxy. Paypal link doesn’t work. If it were for real you’d think they’d be processing orders like mad given all the attention. It’s probably a joke (decent one, actually). Probably trying to earn some quick cash on Google Ads.

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This just in via email. Again, Binkley Toy (the outfit the SockObama Company had prototype their product) has done and is doing the right thing in steadfastly refusing to produce this racist piece of crap toy. Rob appears to be a real stand up guy and always has answered our questions quickly once contacted. Here is his note in full:


If any of your reporters are writing about the Sock Obama I would ask you to please state something very clearly. My company, Binkley Toys Inc. is not, and will not be proceeding with manufacturing the Sock Obama toy.


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The latest Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll has Obama up in Florida, Pennsylvania AND Ohio…

Florida: Obama edges McCain 47 – 43 percent;
Ohio: Obama tops McCain 48 – 42 percent;
Pennsylvania: Obama leads McCain 52 – 40 percent.

That’s the second poll this week showing Obama with a strong lead in Ohio.

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