From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On the heels of Rove’s stupid comment comes news that John McCain is having a lobbyist hosted $50,000 a plate fundraiser in Cincinnati.

Bill Sloat has the details.

I really hope nobody is seen with a beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette while standing against the wall making snide comments about everyone who passes by.

This much hypocrisy should be illegal.

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Seriously? If this is what they got we can go ahead and call it now CNN. This race is over. Tell me this is a ruse designed to lull us into a false sense of security in winning this election. This is LOL funny, this one:

Seriously. They paid someone money to put this together. Even web only and not putting money into a buy with this is idiotic.

But funny…and we do like funny here at PB!

McCain: “Damn. This Obama guy gets all the Interweb love! I need something to throw him off his game”

Director […]

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Ralph Nader is the Winner!

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…of the Plunderbund STFU Award. Handed out periodically to people we think should STFU. Congratulations, Ralph. You’re our winner this week!

“There’s only one thing different about Barack Obama when it comes to being a Democratic presidential candidate. He’s half African-American,” Nader told the paper in comments published Tuesday. “Whether that will make any difference, I don’t know. I haven’t heard him have a strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos. Payday loans, predatory lending, asbestos, lead. What’s keeping him from doing that? Is it because he wants to talk white? He doesn’t want to appear like Jesse […]

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Here’s an open question to anyone on the right who cares to answer it. Will the same WorldNet Wingnuts who demanded John Kerry open up his records also demand that John McCain sign Standard Form-180 and open up his military records as well? Full scrutiny is, aftterall, very important for the public to get a true sense for the man they may elect President in November. Right?

There are indeed very many questions to be answered. What does John “The Maverick War Hero” McCain have to hide???

…and where are the other 617 pages Senator?

The Navy […]

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The faux outrage over public financing is laughable when you remember the deal John McCain too with the devil back when he was an also-ran. Finally the Obama camp (normally timely with this type of thing), thumps Senator McCain over the head with it:

David Plouffe brought a prop to his briefing with reporter: a copy of John McCain’s signature on a state election document in which he attested that he’d be taking public financing.

“John McCain is spending tens of millions of dollars, we believe, unlawfully,’ he said, waving the document.

The details of the argument over whether […]

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This from a guy who considers himself a McCain fan:

“But I can confirm to you that we never tortured him. We never tortured any prisoners.”

Mr Duyet reminisces instead about how he often summoned the future US presidential candidate to his private office for informal chats.

“We used to argue about the war – about whether it was right or wrong,” he says.

“He is a very frank man – very conservative, and very loyal to his country and the American ideal.

“He had a very interesting accent and sometimes he taught me words in English and corrected […]

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…and thus begins the slow walk back to sanity. Apparently cowboy diplomacy doesn’t work afterall. The shoot ’em up style of the Bush administration (along with many wingnut bloggers who hail such jingoistic antagonism as policy) took a blow today:

Tonight, The Washington Note confirmed that the Bush administration will “ask Congress” to de-list North Korea from America’s “terrorist watch list.” This request will be made on Thursday — if there are no last minute, unexpected interventions.

Chalk one up for reason. Did we say Axis of Evil? Psych!

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Can I just say this? These people are fucking insane! Name a damned darling of the netroots that has won a race. You can count them on less than one hand.

But for some progressive activists, the issue is not simply one of policy, but a concern that Obama’s willingness to snub their political wishes is far more endemic.

Wah, fucking wah. Get over yourselves already. Ideological purity is dead in this day and age and for good reason. Let’s at least GET a damned President in office before we go holding him to some pure standard of […]

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Joe Has Got to Go!

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Top 10 Songs About Racism

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I’m also a little late turning in my YouTube Tuesday post- but I figured I’d make up for it with this list of ten songs dealing with the theme of racism.

Take a listen Jessica, you just might learn something…

Beds are Burning – Midnight Oil

Maria – Rage Against the Machine

Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey – Sly and the Family Stone ( performed by Ice-T and Perry Farrell )

Strange Fruit – Billie Holliday

Racist Friend – They Might be Giants

Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley

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The evidence is everywhere. Less people call themselves Republicans now that the NeoCons have dirtied the word up so. The GOP is in full on collapse. Less money coming in. Trouble finding qualified candidates to mount challenges in key races -cough- Ohio Attorney General – cough- . Issues polling has them tanking. View of the party favorable to unfavorable ratio is coming in at -14 while Dems see a +20. Hell, some are even so averse to being “Republican” that they tout instead their ties to the Democratic nominee Barack Obama in their campaign ads:

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