It turns out Paul Begala actually has some balls.

First he writes the following about the Republican President’s Dinner in a fundraising email sent out by the DCCC:

“You should have seen the joint: wall to wall fat-cats. The limos were lined up around the block. If you’d stood in the middle of the ballroom and yelled, ‘Hey dirtbag!’ a thousand necks would have snapped around.”

Dirtbag. Great word. And a spot-on description. But it gets better…

After being attacked for calling Republicans dirtbags by Ken Spain, spokesman for the NRCC, Begala follows up with this gem:

“The Bush Republicans questioned the courage of a hero like Max Cleland. They besmirched the war heroism of John Kerry. They smeared Bill Clinton, savaged Hillary, attacked Sen. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Howard Dean,” he said. “But when I call their fat-cat funders ‘dirtbags,’ they cry like babies. They are wimpy, whiny wussies.”

Wimpy, whiny wussies! Classic.

Way to go Paul. I knew you had it in you, man.